8 More days hee hee hee (BTW, my countdown is for Christmas Eve …That’s just the beginning of a two day exciting holiday for me )

Not a whole lot to post on tonight…I stayed completely OP again today, not even a thought of going over, or wanting more…I love these days

I think I have decided on stopping the Weight Watchers meetings and just going to Curves…I will continue to follow the Weight Watchers plan, of course, but this way I will get my exercise in, still weigh in, plus get accurate measurements taken every so often, AND save $20.00 a month Sounds like a deal to me I had an appointment to go into Curves tonight to go and visit and see what it’s like, but we had a rough day and had to put our last cow down…it was a sad day…long story, but had to cancel that meeting…so sometime SOON I have to get in to see this place I will still be going to weigh-in this week at least to Weight Watchers though, and possibly next week…we’ll see

Feeling really good about myself, and I’m starting to have to take a double take in the mirror some days…can’t believe the difference in my face and my torso…very strange when YOU yourself can see the changes…it’s unreal…but I’m loving it

Well, Megan is ready for bed, and Abbie and daddy are snoring in the recliner together, and I have to work all day tomorrow, so I have to get our lunches packed, bags packed for the day, etc. then *I* can FINALLY get some sleep too Hopefully Megan is nice to mommie tonight and sleeps all night again 6 hours straight sleep is just Heaven

Have a wonderful night, and day tomorrow…Hope everyone is having a fun and safe shopping time also