Christmas just seems to be sneaking up SO quick on me!!! I did manage to get the girls layaway out today…I had forgotten how much we had actually put in…hahaha…so after doing some shopping for stocking-stuffers before picking up the layaway, I am seriously thinking of going through my little pack-rats room (Abbie, of course ) and packing up some of the younger toys that she doesn’t play with as often and make room for all the HORSE stuff this girl now has…hahaha…

Today was the girls Christmas party also, and Abbie had a blast…Megan of course, was in her little baby la-la land, and just watched all the excitement It’s so nice having two daughters…I am still completely amazed and in awe that I am a mommie of 2 now…we are so blessed…

I know my journaling hasn’t been JUST weight loss related lately, but I figure, I would like you all to know a little more about me than just that I’m losing weight…kinda boring if you ask me…LOL…so bear with all my babble…I will almost ALWAYS have a weight-related little snippet in here

Speaking of…*hanging head*…I had a day of going OVER points yesterday…now, didn’t I, just YESTERDAY, say that I have a hard time filling up my points?!?!?! Well, guess what, yesterday was a day that I had the munchies something FIERCE…it’s weird that I can do so well for so long, then all of a sudden, one day, BAM…my body wants more food!!! But…I did make up for it today…I am 10 points under my lowest number of my range, and I KNOW that more than makes up for what I went over yesterday. So, there’s really no fear of it causing me any pain this week at weigh-in (which, by the way, will be on Wednesday NIGHT this week…) I’m kinda worried about having a night weigh-in since I always go first thing in the morning…so we’ll take the hits as they come I guess It’s only one week after all, and there shouldn’t be THAT much of a difference…RIGHT?!?!?

Here’s something I have been kicking around, and if any of you know about this place or are a member yourself, I would LOVE some input on this I am thinking of joining up at Curves For those of you who don’t know, it’s a gym-type place that is for women ONLY…I love the fact that I won’t be as self-concious working out when there are no men around So, I was thinking…Curves is $30.00 a month, and I’m spending $50.00 a month on Weight Watchers and the meetings… $80.00 a month is WAY too expensive, so I can’t do both. Here’s what I wanna do…quit going to Weight Watchers meetings, keep following the Weight Watchers plan just like I am now, and go to Curves instead. That way I will still have to be accountable to the leaders at Curves, so I don’t let myself get off track by just weighing in at home and let it get out of hand. They keep track of your weight, measurements, stuff like that, and I will be making sure that I get my exercise in also, which I am lacking in BIG time right now. Plus it will actually SAVE us $20.00 a month (are you sensing I have a money issue here, also??? hahahah)…so, Like I said, any of you who have any experience with Curves, I would LOVE your input here…I wanna know exactly what the atmosphere at Curves is like, and will it be beneficial for me to stick with that, or with Weight Watchers…Thanks so much!!!

Ok…my left hand is tingling from all the ‘chatting’ again…LOL…I’m going to head to bed, have to work tomorrow and wrap more gifts…Christmas party on Thursday…so I gotta be ready…and I’m already planning on staying completely OP also

Have a WONDERFUL night… (((HUGS)))