I’m on the countdown! hee hee…Cannot WAIT for Christmas… I went to Jo-Ann fabrics and picked up 4 yards each of 3 different prints, to make more FLEECE BLANKETS (click here to see them) for Christmas gifts…They are so awesome to make, and I have had a few requests for some also, so I’m trying to get to them…but for now, I got a camoflauge print for Clint and then two other prints for my parents and his. I do mine a bit different than the instructions on that page says, and they come out really nice. I use 4 yards of material total for each blanket, and I only use one print instead of a solid AND print. Then I just fold that 4 yards of that one print in half, and cut 4″ squares out of the corners on the open end, but not out of the folded end corners…then I do 4″ strips along the 3 sides…that way whoever uses them, they don’t have the fringe in their face on the one end. It’s just a nice fold on the top of the blanket for them

Still amazed with myself with staying OP so well!! I’m really happy that I’m sticking with this…I am just loving the results I’m seeing…just wish I was closer to goal already…hahahah…I am definitely planning on staying OP for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day…it’s too hard for me to get back on track the very next day when I give myself that one day of eating whatever… So, best for me to play it safe and just stick with the plan Maybe I will bank a few in the next week or so…then I will be covered no matter what

I have nursing points also, and it’s hard some days for me to fill my points, so it’s a bit easier to be able to bank…I have been making sure that I get to at least my lowest number, but that’s about as high as I get…seems to be the thing that works really well for me (staying at my lowest number)…and I seem to be losing pretty consistently that way…

Well, there goes another chatty afternoon entry…I really think I need some ‘adult’ conversation…LOL…I seem to come here and spill it all on you all…hahahahah…that’s what I get for having conversations with my 4 year old and 3 month old all day hee hee

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!! (((HUGS)))