Well, I think this is the layout/graphics that will be staying now…now if I can get my writing to be a little smaller, I will be happy But, I like it

Not alot going on here today…worked from home…we had no heat at work today as they are putting in a new heater for us, and Abbie is already sick with a cold, so we stayed home and worked from here.

Clint is out doing his Christmas shopping right now. He and a good friend from work went together…his friend was just married 2 months ago So I’m sure they are having fun

On the weight loss note…things are going really well…Still OP and going strong..and loving the new ‘me’ I see in the mirror. I still have those days where I look and all I see is the ‘old’ me…it’s like I can’t get myself to see the positive changes that have already taken place. Do you ever feel that way?? No matter how much good you do for yourself and your body, it never seems to be enough? I mean, I know I still have a LONG way to go before I hit goal, so my body is no where near where I would be happy with it anyway, but you would think I would be happier at times with the progress so far Guess I need to lighten up on myself a bit (no ‘pun’ intended…hee hee)

We are going to celebrate Christmas tomorrow with my brother and his girlfriend, because she is going home to New Jersey for Christmas and we won’t be able to be with her. So it should be a lot of fun Other than that, I’m going to try and get all my wrapping done tonight, and I’ll be completely ready for Christmas then Only 4 MORE DAYS till Christmas Eve!!! Woo hoo I’m so excited

Well, hope you all are having a great day!!!
Till next time, good luck and God Bless!!!