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Check this out - http://diets.aol.com/  I’m listed as #9 on their Top 11 Diet Blogs they ‘dig’ !!!  How exciting!!!  (Just scroll down on the main page and you will see their list )

 I will write more later on our recent road trip, along with pictures!!!!!! 

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On 08.15.06
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Oh my gosh…kinda last minute, but we’re leaving in the morning to go and see my cousin Christy @ her college in Rochester, NY!!!  I’m soooo stinkin excited!!!

Just to let any weirdos out there know, just cuz I’m announcing this, doesn’t mean my house will be empty…think BIG dog with sharp teeth who’s hungry 24/7…oh and neighbors that don’t miss a THING  

 Have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!

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Just an ‘I’m still here’ post…nothing very exciting is happening at this point.  Same ol’…I did find some great recipes today that I’m excited to try…they sound yummy….I will post pics, reviews and recipe after I try them

I do have sunburn.  I was working outside yesterday for about 3-1/2 hours, mowing and cleaning the weeds out around our grapes, helped Clint building a swingset for the girls, stuff like that, and today I’m a tad red and sore   It’ll be aight.

Gotta get my workout in tonight as I skipped last night after a day full of activity.  Need to get a few groceries, and that’s it for my exciting night!  Oh to be me, huh?? 

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On 08.07.06
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I don’t WANNA!!!

I haven’t eaten hardly anything for the past couple of days…I think it’s just the heat.  Working out is getting to me too with the heat…but I’m doing it.

Last night I came home from work, made dinner for Clint and the girls and I had some imitation lobster…got dishes done and sat in the chair.  I was so freaking tired last night.  I think it’s from the previous nights workout too.  I have muscles in my back that I didn’t know existed.  They are so sore all the way across my back.

So I sat down and fell asleep for about 1/2 hour.  Clint had to go out to the shop for something and he asked me if I wanted him to leave it unlocked for when I go out…I was like ‘I don’t wanna…I’m gonna skip tonight’…I could tell he was kinda wanting me to make myself go out…he’s good about keeping me going…but at that point I was so tired I didn’t care.  So I sat in the chair about 15 minutes more and the phone rang.  I got up and answered and it was Uncle D.  Is that a sign or what?!?!  I don’t hear from him much and after seeing my progress when he was over the other night, he seems so pumped about sticking with me.  So he called and said, ‘If you haven’t already done tonights’ workout, when you do, really focus on your jabs’ (my left punch I was telling you about in the previous post)…he goes ‘I want you to jab, jab, jab and do some double jabs’ (which don’t sound like they would be hard, as all you do is jab with your left two times pretty quick.  They KILL my arm)…

So hearing the enthusiasm in his voice got me motivated to not skip last night’s workout.  I went out and did it.  I am so glad that he called.  Today, however, my body isn’t so happy about it, as I really pushed myself and got a great workout in, and I’m a tad sore today   It’s  a good feeling though.  And also today, my hunger is back.  That is a bad thing.  Although, it may be more from metabolism speeding up a bit and actually giving me back my appetite…or it could be just one of those hormonal days where the munchies kick my butt…who knows.

Anyway, I accomplished something huge last night by not wanting to work out and wanting to give in to my tired body, and didn’t…so I wanted to post   Today I have no regrets about yesterday.  You know how it is…you have one little thing that you shouldn’t be eating or you miss your workout and it just guilts the crap out of you that whole day and even the next day (if you’re anything like me)…so today feels positive

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On 08.04.06
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Trainer showed!!

Alrighty then.  Uncle D came through.  He showed.  I’m SO friggin pumped right now, I feel like my skin is the only thing holding me together…

I went out early and did all the warm-up stuff….jump rope, pole twists, arm circles, kickbacks, curls, and as I was doing my 2nd round of jump rope, Uncle D pulled in.  Made my day just to see him show up

So we started the boxing.  He had nothing but good to say.  The only thing that needs to be worked on a bit more are my jabs with my left.   When I first started boxing, my left was actually my stronger of the two.  Now it’s completely flipped and my right arm is stronger and quicker and hits harder.  My left is pretty good, but it tires very easily and get weak alot earlier than my right.  So I have to keep working on my left as much as I can and it too will build it’s strength.

He was impressed with my punches.  My jab, my right, my hooks, my combination punch (one-two-hook)…he was impressed.  He told me that if I got in a fight with a girl right now, my right would knock her on her ass…he actually laughed when he saw me start to punch because he couldn’t believe the strength I’ve gained in my hits. 

 I’m soooo stinkin’ excited!!!  I love that I’m doing something that I really am loving doing, AND I’m GOOD at it!!  That is such an amazing feeling!  He seems pretty excited about my progress and just felt bad that he hasn’t been here as much as he wants to be. 

 He said it will take a good 3 months before the actual weight loss will happen.  Well, it’s only been just over 2 months now that I’ve been training…so I’m keeping that scale outta sight.  I want nothing to do with it.  I feel good about the training and the exercise I’m getting in, and that’s what matters right now…the weight will follow.

He also told me something tonight that I didn’t really want to hear.  He said the weight will come off in easy places first…your face, arms, legs, etc.  Basically everywhere I can see the difference is where I will lose from first.  Fine.  I’m happy with the changes that have already come about.  What I didn’t want to hear was that what your body will do when training like I”m doing is, it will lose in the easy places first and when it’s exhausted the fat from those areas is when you will see losses in the tougher-to-lose areas (meaning my hips and stomach and butt, where I would really like to see the losses)….so I guess I need to work as hard as I can and get those easy spots exhausted fast, huh?

I can’t get over how proud I am of myself.  When Uncle D was impressed with my punching, it just boosted my confidence like you wouldn’t believe.  That is something I needed so badly.  WOOT!!!

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On 08.02.06
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Haven’t had alot to say lately…therefore, lack of posts…but it’s a good thing, things are going pretty smooth.

Uncle D (trainer for boxing) is coming over tonight to work with me again…I’ve been on my own for about a month and a half.  He came over 3 weeks in a row, faithfully, and then he had to work one week, was out of town the next, and so on…so we just haven’t been able to meet up…tonight though, he is able to come over…I’m anxious for this because the last time he was over was when I learned my hooks and my one-two-hook…the one-two-hook he told me it took him almost 3 months to get the hang of that one…well, guess what?? Women Rock!  Because in the month and a half I have been on my own practicing, I’ve NAILED that there punch.  I’m so excited to show him how I’m doing and see what he thinks.

When he called me last night I told him that I have been keeping the frame of mind that he wanted me to (to train as if I was really going to be fighting someone and that my opponent was off training 100% harder than I was…so make it count!), and that I keep thinking back to the last time he was over and how out of breath and sweaty and sore I was…and at this point, I’m either truly not pushing myself hard enough (which I don’t think is the case, truthfully), or that my stamina has really gotten alot better…

When I first started my training, I was lucky to do 20 seconds of jumproping continuously.  Now??  I can do 1-1/2 minutes with no problem and struggle to get to my full 2 minutes…that last 30 seconds is a killer…and I have to do 2 sets like that, so I always do my 2 minutes then 100 of my pole twists, then go back and do my 2nd 2-minute jumping.  So I have definitely built up strength and endurance and even my recovery heart rate and breathing has improved greatly…hopefully that didn’t just jinx tonight and I’ll be all huffy-puffy when he’s there…

The heat here has been completely unbearable (105 degree heat indexes) but I have been out there every single night pounding out my routine.  I only did about 6 minutes on Lippy last night though, which isn’t good, but after being in the heat and all, I was literally exhausted and didn’t feel safe to push it on Lippy…I was already dragging…

So that’s my rundown.  Everything else is the same…training, eating pretty good and listening to my body.

What I HAVEN’T done is weigh in…and I don’t think I’m going to.  I have added in 2 more weight exercises to my nightly routine and I don’t think I’m ready to look at any kind of number…positive or not.  So I’m sticking with what I’m doing and forgetting about that friggin scale…so there won’t be any weigh ins posted for awhile, but it’s a good thing…I have been told NOT to weigh in when you’re working out and training because the gains or plateus are not true numbers because of the changes you are making in your body for the better.  So screw the scale.  Hey that’d be a cute name for someone’s site…Screw the Scale.  LOL…

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Since this is a weight loss site and all…

I thought I would post this picture…I took the picture, in the previous post, of the new ‘do and put it with the horrible ‘before’ picture…check this out…


 Holy crap it doesn’t even LOOK like me…what a nasty nerdy before…and it’s weird, but even though I can physically see such a difference here, I still FEEL like the ‘before’ picture…that sucks…gotta figure out how to fix the mental part of all of this…

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New ‘Do

Went today FINALLY and got my hair cut…just had her trim it up a bit, as I’m loving having longer hair again, so she did some cute layers and some side swiping bangs…thought I would post a picture   Are ya shocked?!?!?!






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Me again…

Ok..so post #2 for today.  I re-read and re-read what I posted earlier and I think I need to post something positive to smother the crabiness that I am today…

Two things that I have accomplished / changed lately that I never thought I would see happen for a very long time.

#1 ~ I no longer ‘eat by the clock’…When I first started this journey a few years back, I remember counting down the minutes until it was 11:30 a.m. and officially lunch time.  I would make myself hold off eating until that time and it was really tough on me.  Same at dinner time…dinner was ready and it was time to eat whether I was hungry or not…it was dinner time, so you eat.  

  For the past couple of months, I have been listening to my stomach.  I don’t care anymore what time it is when I eat…well, that’s not completely true.  I am still trying VERY hard not to eat after 6:00 p.m.  Other than that, it’s ‘listen to my body’ time.  Like this morning I had 8 oz. of soy milk for breakfast, but not until 11:15 a.m.  Right now it’s 1:20 p.m. and I’m feeling grumbly so I’m gonna go out and get my broccoli salad out of the fridge and have lunch.  It feels really good to have some control over something.

#2 ~ I failed to mention this when I posted a tiny bit about our weekend away a couple of weeks ago, but if you know me, or about me, you know I HATE MY FRIGGIN ARMS.  So, no matter what kind of outfit I’m looking for, it has to have sleeves…at least t-shirt length sleeves…I’m very self-concious about my arms.  So, before we left, I got a comment from someone that was very wonderfully blunt in one part and it’s stuck with me since the moment I read it -

‘Who gives a rat’s a—-e what people think…. they don’t look after you when you’re ill and love you or even pay your bills!!! You are WORTHY……’

So, thank you, Dell   This comment got me thinking and I packed a sleeveless top (the one in my muscle-making picture) AND a tank top (the one I’m wearing in the hotel room mirror picture, except the top over it, GOT TAKEN OFF!!!) and I walked both days, around everywhere, the zoo, the levee, you name it.  And I didn’t care.  This is a HUGE thing for me.  Especially right now, because as I said, I’ve always been very self-concious about my arms, but now that they are toning up a bit, there is a 1/2″ difference between my left arm and my right arm (my right is smaller) and I feel like it’s magnified to everyone since I can see the difference…like I’m a cartoon character with a HUGE popeye arm (except not muscle) and one Olive-Oyl arm (cept not that skinny)…get what I mean?? 

 Anyways, BIG steps for me in the past couple of weeks

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…one smart man…

My husband, that is…

After being PMS’y and bloated and feeling like all I have done in the past two months is coming UN-done, my husband wittingly says to me…

‘No one else can see the numbers on that scale…all they see is how you look…’

I was given some words of wisdom yesterday that were passed on from a professional trainer…You NEVER weigh yourself, EVER, when you are working out or training hard for something.  The numbers are lies.  The scale cannot tell you how many inches you have lost, how much muscle you have gained, how you FEEL about yourself….the scale is full of lies.

Dont’ take this post as I cheated and got on the scale early.  Because I didn’t…I’m feeling bloated and nasty and worthless and lazy and all the nasty things that we like to think about ourselves when we have a bad day (weekend)…I’m working out like a fiend and I still just can’t see the light at the end of that friggin million mile long tunnel.

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