Ok..so post #2 for today.  I re-read and re-read what I posted earlier and I think I need to post something positive to smother the crabiness that I am today…

Two things that I have accomplished / changed lately that I never thought I would see happen for a very long time.

#1 ~ I no longer ‘eat by the clock’…When I first started this journey a few years back, I remember counting down the minutes until it was 11:30 a.m. and officially lunch time.  I would make myself hold off eating until that time and it was really tough on me.  Same at dinner time…dinner was ready and it was time to eat whether I was hungry or not…it was dinner time, so you eat.  

  For the past couple of months, I have been listening to my stomach.  I don’t care anymore what time it is when I eat…well, that’s not completely true.  I am still trying VERY hard not to eat after 6:00 p.m.  Other than that, it’s ‘listen to my body’ time.  Like this morning I had 8 oz. of soy milk for breakfast, but not until 11:15 a.m.  Right now it’s 1:20 p.m. and I’m feeling grumbly so I’m gonna go out and get my broccoli salad out of the fridge and have lunch.  It feels really good to have some control over something.

#2 ~ I failed to mention this when I posted a tiny bit about our weekend away a couple of weeks ago, but if you know me, or about me, you know I HATE MY FRIGGIN ARMS.  So, no matter what kind of outfit I’m looking for, it has to have sleeves…at least t-shirt length sleeves…I’m very self-concious about my arms.  So, before we left, I got a comment from someone that was very wonderfully blunt in one part and it’s stuck with me since the moment I read it -

‘Who gives a rat’s a—-e what people think…. they don’t look after you when you’re ill and love you or even pay your bills!!! You are WORTHY……’

So, thank you, Dell   This comment got me thinking and I packed a sleeveless top (the one in my muscle-making picture) AND a tank top (the one I’m wearing in the hotel room mirror picture, except the top over it, GOT TAKEN OFF!!!) and I walked both days, around everywhere, the zoo, the levee, you name it.  And I didn’t care.  This is a HUGE thing for me.  Especially right now, because as I said, I’ve always been very self-concious about my arms, but now that they are toning up a bit, there is a 1/2″ difference between my left arm and my right arm (my right is smaller) and I feel like it’s magnified to everyone since I can see the difference…like I’m a cartoon character with a HUGE popeye arm (except not muscle) and one Olive-Oyl arm (cept not that skinny)…get what I mean?? 

 Anyways, BIG steps for me in the past couple of weeks