Alrighty then.  Uncle D came through.  He showed.  I’m SO friggin pumped right now, I feel like my skin is the only thing holding me together…

I went out early and did all the warm-up stuff….jump rope, pole twists, arm circles, kickbacks, curls, and as I was doing my 2nd round of jump rope, Uncle D pulled in.  Made my day just to see him show up

So we started the boxing.  He had nothing but good to say.  The only thing that needs to be worked on a bit more are my jabs with my left.   When I first started boxing, my left was actually my stronger of the two.  Now it’s completely flipped and my right arm is stronger and quicker and hits harder.  My left is pretty good, but it tires very easily and get weak alot earlier than my right.  So I have to keep working on my left as much as I can and it too will build it’s strength.

He was impressed with my punches.  My jab, my right, my hooks, my combination punch (one-two-hook)…he was impressed.  He told me that if I got in a fight with a girl right now, my right would knock her on her ass…he actually laughed when he saw me start to punch because he couldn’t believe the strength I’ve gained in my hits. 

 I’m soooo stinkin’ excited!!!  I love that I’m doing something that I really am loving doing, AND I’m GOOD at it!!  That is such an amazing feeling!  He seems pretty excited about my progress and just felt bad that he hasn’t been here as much as he wants to be. 

 He said it will take a good 3 months before the actual weight loss will happen.  Well, it’s only been just over 2 months now that I’ve been training…so I’m keeping that scale outta sight.  I want nothing to do with it.  I feel good about the training and the exercise I’m getting in, and that’s what matters right now…the weight will follow.

He also told me something tonight that I didn’t really want to hear.  He said the weight will come off in easy places first…your face, arms, legs, etc.  Basically everywhere I can see the difference is where I will lose from first.  Fine.  I’m happy with the changes that have already come about.  What I didn’t want to hear was that what your body will do when training like I”m doing is, it will lose in the easy places first and when it’s exhausted the fat from those areas is when you will see losses in the tougher-to-lose areas (meaning my hips and stomach and butt, where I would really like to see the losses)….so I guess I need to work as hard as I can and get those easy spots exhausted fast, huh?

I can’t get over how proud I am of myself.  When Uncle D was impressed with my punching, it just boosted my confidence like you wouldn’t believe.  That is something I needed so badly.  WOOT!!!