Just heading out to Wal-Mart…but before I went, I have been thinking alot about the whole not losing thing with me doing weights and all…I read this morning that you can expect to start losing fairly quickly after a month to 6 weeks after starting weight lifting..that means only another 2 weeks or so of things being slow for me…LOL…Hopefully it happens sooner, but it gives me some incentive to keep at it…and that it’s not a bad thing Then…to prove to myself that this statement is all true…I got brave and took my measurements this morning and WHOA…couldn’t believe the total inches I had lost!!!!! Check it out HERE…21.5 INCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am completely floored…and there’s over 3 inches of that that have come off in the last 10 days or so…that is UNREAL…so I definitely have new respect for the tape measure over the scale….LOL…

I might be back later to ramble some…we’ll see

I have to run to Wal-Mart, and the grocery store, then get back here, make some dinner, and get the laundry and house done…maybe I will ACTUALLY get it done today…LOL

Have a wonderful Saturday!!! I will make my rounds later to my dailies (((HUGS)))