Jerk Men Drivers

I try to avoid venting here…this is my ‘positive’ place…LOL…but I need to…on the way home tonight this JERK of a man…probably my age (30 or so)…gets behind me on the freeway, and gets RIGHT on my butt…not only does this tick me off, but…I live in Ohio…it’s snowing like CRAZY on my way home…traffic is not going very fast, and if I would have tapped my brakes, he coulda hit me easy…not only is that bad enough, but I have both my girls in the car with me…that makes me madder than anything…when people are in such a stinkin hurry for no good reason other than to go fast…and their are small lives at risk from stupid driving….so anyways, I finally get over because I was passing a semi when this happened ( I shoulda just hit my brakes and kept him stuck behind me and next to the semi..hee hee) and I look over when he passes me and I give him *the look* and the jerk FLIPS ME OFF!!!!! hahahahahahahaha…I coulda screamed!!! ROFL…I just gave him the thumbs up and proceeded to tell him how ‘cool’ he was…ROFL…I was surprised with myself that I did not flip him back, or swear at him…good thing with the girls in the car, but still…I don’t know why I was so laid back about it today…then for a man to flip a woman off…isn’t that just crude??!!!??!! hahaha…so much for chivalry huh??? LOL

Well, that was my stress for the day…I’m so proud of myself with sticking so good to my points…If I just have that one day of letting myself go over, I will more than likely blow it…but I just keep on keepin on and I’m doing great I didn’t walk tonight (only the 3rd night in almost 2-1/2 weeks) and don’t plan on it tonight either …I need a night off once in a while I think…so I’m allowing myself that…My water intake could use a bit more improvement…it’s hard to get tons of water down when you’re not thirsty I guess…LOL…

That’s about it for tonight I think…just got done making some yummy tacos I have a bunch of points left tonight…enough for 3 of my home-made tacos…but I’m always full after 2 … so we’ll see where I end up

Have a wondeful night ya’ll!!! (((HUGS)))