New Picture of Me!!!

Well, I got brave, and actually took a photo of myself in the mirror today…LOL…not bad for an amateur huh??? hahah…anyways…I about CRAPPED when I saw the comparison of the before and now picture…You have to go and see this for yourself…I swear it doesn’t even look like the same person!!! CLICK HERE to go and see it…it’s unreal…and I’m SOOO proud of myself now

And…(wow what a great day for ME) I keep thinking about the 21.5 inches I have lost…I didn’t realize till a little bit ago, it hit me…I have lost almost 2 FEET off my body!!! That is INSANE…and I truly don’t FEEL like I have gotten that much smaller, but the proof is there I guess!!! But almost 2 feet!?!?!?! Doesn’t that sound weird?? I’m just completely overwhelmed with all the ‘proof’ that I’m actually doing it!!!! hahahahah…

And here’s ANOTHER good thing I bought myself a new pair of exercise pants today The flowy nylon kind ya know? Not the noisy wind pant kind…and I bought at 18/20, thinking…I will keep them as a goal size to get down into…seeing as how I JUST bought a size 20 jeans, and they fit me pretty good, I was SURE these would be too small, and it would help me work to fit into them Well, I get home…go in my bathroom, and slip the suckers on like nothing!!!!!!!! I can’t believe this!!!!!!!!! They JUST fit in length…but I think when my hips get a bit smaller, they will hang longer…that is, IF I can still wear them then…hahahah…I know that different clothes fit differently, but just to SEE that 18/20 on the tag, and that I actually have ALOT of room to spare, it’s unreal!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

I’m just so tickled today

I was driving along today, mind wandering as usual, and was thinking…have any of you ever realized how much your eating habits reflect your husband/boyfriend/S.O.??? I mean, I remember when my husband and I were dating (my skinny days, and well over 10 years ago…*GASP*) that I would crack up laughing at him at how FAST he would eat a meal…on our first ‘date’ for example, I picked him up after he got off work, and he was starving, so we drove through McDonalds for him, and the man ordered 9 CHEESEBURGERS!!!!! And, he lived not 5-10 minutes away, and by the time we got to his house, they were ALL GONE!!! hahahaha…but what I was thinking today is…I used to laugh at him, but I have realized how much FASTER I have come to eat now than I used to…the man still inhales his food so fast, I swear he doesn’t even taste it…I definitely don’t keep up with him still…and there’s no way that I could eat 9 cheeseburgers let alone in 10 minutes…LOL…but still, I think there are little things about my eating habits that are starting to stand out to me, and this is one of them…I don’t think until recently I have remembered how long it used to take me to finish a meal…and I don’t know if it’s because now I’m a mom, and when I get a chance to finally eat something, I do it without messing around, just in case one of the girls needs me, or what, but I have definitely sped up my eating times…and it’s something I’m conciously working to fix now too Anyway, I guess my point was just that something that might help us with our weight loss is to look at what habits we have picked up from others around us too, and make a concious effort to be aware of it, and slowly change it to help ourselves

Wow, another chatty day…I’m sorry….hahahahah

I’m going to close here, and go do my daily rounds Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!! (((HUGS)))