Here is this weeks Weigh-In Wednesday…

Encouraging Yourself
1. You’ve had a good week and you have the results to prove it. What do you do to reward yourself for your hard work? Do you do anything at all? If not, why? Once in awhile, for nights that I have a loss (at least 1 lb.) I will stop at Dairy Queen on the way home and get one of their DQ sandwiches (3 pts.) and still always journal it and stay in points though…I need to find something NON-food to reward myself with though…LOL

2. Is using food as a reward a bad idea even if it’s done responsibly? What rewards are irresponsible? I definitely think it’s not a good idea, because that’s what we are trying to teach ourselves NOT to do…use food to make us FEEL better…hmmmmm….

3. At what stages do you deem a reward earned? Definitely only at large intervals of weight lost…like at my 10% I think it was, I got a new pair of walking shoes, and now when I hit 50 lbs. gone (3 more to go!!!) I will get a tattoo I would rather have things like this to reward myself for all my hard work than with food anytime!!!!

I will be back later to journal how my weigh in was also I go tonight at 5:00 p.m. I’m going to walk a few laps around the plant when everyone goes home to maybe help with the loss a bit Every little bit has to help, right??? hahhahah…Wish me luck!!!