Evenin!!! Another OP day!!! *go me* hee hee…did another 45 minutes of weights and 1 mile on treadmill…didn’t go to weigh-in this morning, will be going tomorrow night at 5:00 p.m. So as soon as I get home I will update I’m not ‘feeling’ like I have a loss…going to check out the scale in the morning just to know what’s ahead…what I do know though is I have lost close to another 3 inches…so like I said yesterday, with me just starting to be pretty steady and heavy on the weights, I expect to have a slow down or stop in LB. loss…not a biggie, and who knows, maybe I HAVE lost We’ll see tomorrow

Abbie went to visit her pre-school today, and she didn’t want to leave!!! hahahaha…I was so worried that she would be nervous, and she was a little worried last week, but today on the way there she was SO excited! We got there, met her teacher (really nice lady), and I had to go with the administrator to go over some paperwork and stuff, and Abbie stayed in the room all by herself, and when I came back it was like she never even realized I had gone…LOL…so that was a huge load off of me today…I have a wonderful feeling about this transition to pre-school with her now. It’s a great little church that it is held at, and everyone there was just amazing…even all the older kids that were there made such a fuss over her and her ‘curls’ The teacher was telling me alot of what they are working on and practicing (writing letters, writing their names, using scissors, address and phone number) and it was hard not to be a very proud momma when I told her Abbie is doing all that already…LOL…that was a nice feeling So…she starts Monday morning Will be on Mon-Wed-Fri…will be nice for both of us I think Clint can’t wait till he can go and see what it’s like He wasn’t able to make it there today…I’m just so excited for her

I swear the later I get on here, the more I ramble…LOL…I don’t think I have anthing more to post on really…I still can’t remember what I was going to talk about last night…maybe that’s a GOOD thing huh??? LOL…save you all from more rambling…hahahha…

Oh…I had my dr. appointment today too about my hands…and I will be having surgery…I asked for them to set it up on a Friday so that Clint can take the day off and help me and it will give me the weekend to recover…The dr. had originally told me it would only be a small horizonal incision right at the base of my hand on the inside of my wrist…well, when he explained it today, it will be across the entire width of my wrist, and down my arm an inch or two…plus I have ganglion cysts that he will have to remove…so I will have the one main incision, plus a couple smaller ones where the cysts are…I think I’m gonna be sore…LOL…I had asked him if he can do both hands at the same time, so that I can get it over with and not have to go back later and do it all again, and he goes ‘How are you going to go to the bathroom’ and all I replied with was…’Oh…DUH!’…although I meant to just *think* that response, it came out, and he just started laughing…so I guess it’s a good thing ONE of us was thinking huh?? So, they are going to call me in the next couple of days to let me know when the surgery date will be…I’m surprised that right now I’m not too nervous about it…I just can’t wait to get the pain taken care of that this is causing…I’m sure I will be nervous the day before and day of though

Have a great night, and I’ll be back again tomorrow!! You were fore-warned!!!! LOL