Time for the Tuesday This or That…

1. Window shades or blinds? Blinds
2. Wall or desk calendar? Wall…I have enough stuff on my desk…LOL
3. Paint or wallpaper?Pain…so much easier to change the decoration if you want to
4. Electric or gas stove?Electric stove, and now that I have it, the flat top stove
5. Carpeting or bare floors?Carpet…more comfortable to sit and play on
6. One TV, or more than one?We HAVE more than one (3 actually) but I would prefer NONE and have music playing all the time…
7. Leather or fabric sofa?Fabric…I have 2 kids, remember?? LOL
8. Eat meals in kitchen or dining room?Dining room, but mostly on the coffee table in the living room
9. Fabric or vinyl shower curtain?Both…
10. Your kitchen: well-equipped or bare bones?Well equipped…not a chef kitchen, but I have what I need

I will be back later on to do some actual journaling, but I have been running all day, and we have our work-out friends coming over, and I need to get my house cleaned up before we head to the weights and treadmill Talk to you soon!!!