Who could have ever guessed that when I woke up this morning, today would be so different from any other.

My brother, who lives in Booneville, CA called me today from a bar his best friend owns. He says ‘I have a message to deliver to you.’

Before I could even take a guess, he blurts out ‘Todd Snider says to tell you HI !!’

Oh my gosh, if you don’t know, Todd Snider is a folky-country-kinda singer. I have LOVED this man’s music since the early 90’s…he’s amazing.

My brother (Laddie) was in the bar and he and his BF who owns the place recognized him and Laddie gave him about an hour in there without ’stalking’ him and finally went over and explained that I had turned him onto Todd’s music years ago, and he just wanted to say Hi to him. He tells Laddie to tell ME hi as well!!! Todd is in town to perform in Booneville at The Wild Iris Music Festival tonight.

Laddie walks outside the bar and calls me on his cell. After I freaked out that Todd was still in there and all, I hear Laddie saying Bye, figuring it was a friend leaving or something. NO. It was HIM. He said bye to my brother and Laddie told him I was on the phone, thinking he would yell Bye to me or something.


He grabs the phone and introduces himself to me!!! I FREAKIN TALKED TO HIM ON THE PHONE!!!!!!!!


I’m still flying high…aaaahhhhhhhhh…He asked me where in Ohio I lived, and I told him in Ashtabula, and he goes ‘Bob Dylan mentions that town in one of his songs’…I said ‘yes he does’…and I think I giggled a little and couldn’t stop telling him how much I enjoyed ‘meeting’ him…I probably sounded like a freaking high school girl, but he was laughing while I was rambling…no clue what all I said to him…it’s all a fog now…ROFL

Here’s his website if you wanna go hear a bit of his music Todd Snider & Another Todd Snider

For my very first celeb actual ‘meeting’, this one was awesome…sorry if I’m rambling…I’m so freaking tickled.