Yesterday. Training began ‘unofficially’…I called Uncle D (who is the one to train me in boxing) and got a rundown from him on what to look for in my heavy bag and speed bag and gloves. I’m going this week to get them all.

Just a heads up, whenever I get awesome tips from him, I will be posting them here.

Here’s tip number one he told me last night. I was telling him about how much trouble I have losing weight, and therefore that reason is pretty much near the top of the list as to why I want to start boxing. He told me that when he was boxing a few years back, and has even heard this from a trainer in the gym that he works out in now, that he was told that if you do NOT want to lose weight while trying to bulk up, do NOT run at night. To lose weight, run at night. He said it literally fell off of him before he knew it. I know, he’s a guy, and guys suck cuz they lose weight quick, but STILL…there has to be some truth behind it when trainers are using it as part of their training. I asked him if my elliptical would suffice, as I run like a girl. I really feel clumsy and sloppy when I run, not to mention my boobs need something that flattens them to my chest to make that hurt stop and prevent the black eyes and all.

He said the elliptical is perfect. Trick is, you eat dinner (light and healthy, of course) and that is the last time you eat for the day. So that goes back to my don’t eat after 6:00 p.m. Give your dinner some time to settle, and that’s when you run. He said do at least a mile a night, possibly 2. I already do one mile each time on Lippy, so instead of going for longer time, I’m shooting for a longer distance, even if it’s just 1/10 of a mile each night more…

He also told me that the best thing to trim your waistline, is this: Grab your broom. No, we don’t go and clean. Use a broom or broomstick and lay it across your shoulders (going behind your neck) and let your arms outstretch up and over and hang over the bar slightly. Stand in front of a mirror, if possible, to watch your movements, keeping your feet about shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, hips straight ahead and still, and twist at your waist. He told me to start these nightly, doing 50 each night. When you twist left, then right, that is one. He wants me to start out with 50 and gradually build myself up to 200 per night, and he said even though they seem easy, you still have to watch because you can pull muscles this way. Last night I did 75.

I took my measurements yesterday and actually got Clint to take pictures of me, can you believe it?? I wore some light gray spandex kinda bike shorts and a short tank top that comes to the top of the shorts…VERY unattractive, but I wanted something light colored to show any bulges. I can hide most with black, so I didn’t want that. I want to SEE my progress in a month. I will wear the same outfit for the next pictures and see what changes…oh and I won’t post this set until then either…I was SO, um, gaggy, when I saw myself. I don’t feel as big as I look in those pictures. Sucks. My measurements have all dropped, except for my waist. I gained 2 inches there. LOL…I do believe my last measurement couldn’t have been correct, as my hips and abdomen have gone down. So we’ll see in one month. Oh, that’s another thing. I am ONLY weighing myself now once a MONTH. I weighed in this morning at 253. That is awesome, as it’s been up and down 6 lbs. or better. I saw 260 at one point and avoided the scale, it was too discouraging and really bringing my motivation down. So 253 was nice to see.

So now the scale gets to be deprived of my weight on it for another month So once a month, I’m going to weigh in, take measurements, and take new pictures.

I’m going to make a page as soon as I can to track my workouts, weight and measurements as soon as I can. I want it all documented, and I’m sooo tickled to see the first month’s results.

I have been eating so well, very low carb, no processed foods, veggies, cottage cheese (mix it with some cinnamon and splenda and it ’s AWESOME for breakfast), pepperoni chips with cheese, that kinda stuff, and I feel SO good. I don’t feel all bogged down after I eat. It feels great I’m doing it healthy

Now that I have taken up an hour of your time, I need to run…I will post more after I get the page done and more workouts