Ok. So. Now that my scare is behind me (By the way, Dell, you were completely right, as I am looking at that as a wake-up call to have my annual pap done now, and it very much so was an eye opener…scary friggin time, let me tell you)…things are moving along.

Scale? Sucks. Motivation? Still VERY much there and actually surprised at myself that having the scale not budge (or at least playing mind games with me) hasn’t had me lose motivation or gotten me discouraged in any way. I am STILL having days where I am down a few pounds, then up 6 the next…then the next day?? Those 6 are gone. I am FINALLY starting to believe that you seriously cannot go by your weight alone.

I walked 2 miles at lunch today in 34 minutes, so I averaged 17 minute miles…not terrible. I have been keeping busy with Clint outside still, in the yard, garden, you name it. And although scale and I do not get along at the moment, I got out my summer shorts from last year to wear seeing as how it’s been in the 90’s and so damn muggy, and guess what?? I have ONE pair of shorts that fit me. ALL of them are baggy, one pair I even had to safety pin to make them smaller. And the one pair that do fit were the one pair of jean shorts that I couldn’t even get NEAR zipped last year. Progress?? I think yepper!

Now to the ‘new’ news. Boxing. Yes, I’m going to start boxing. Not to get the crap beat out of me, but just recreational boxing. I have 2 uncles that were very popular boxers in our area and one even had a shot at going pro. Well the one that didn’t have that shot is the one that will be my trainer. How cool is that?? They are both amazing at boxing, in great shape, and you would NEVER guess their ages by looking at them, but I do believe that the uncle that I have asked to train me will have more patience and be reliable and motivating to get me going. I’m looking at a 40 lb. heavy bag, speed bag and gloves, and once I can get those items, we should be able to get moving. Boxing is an incredible all over workout. I’m not a wimpy girl by any means, and have had a couple of fights when I was younger, and hit someone else, but I have never been hit. That scares the bejeebers outta me. I don’t ever wanna get punched. Maybe after training and all, that could change and I may want to do some ’sparring’ we shall see. For right now, I’m SOO friggin excited to try boxing and starting the training with my Uncle (I will call him Uncle D from here on out so you know who I’m talking about) and see how it all goes. I need something to shake up my workouts and routines and I think this one will be fun!!!