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weight loss



!!!! NEGATIVE !!!!

We are so excited and relieved right now…I have alot to talk about, but dont’ feel much like being online right now, so I just wanted to post the results of my tests

Next post should include…falling off wagon…climbing back on wagon…friendly scale…shitty scale…oh, and boxing.

Thank you once again for all of your prayers…

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By Lisa
On 05.30.06
At 8:33 pm
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karen Says:

yahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! yahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! karen

Susie Says:


Jana Says:

Oh praise God!!!!! You’ve been on my heart all day!!!!!! Thank you Lord for giving us these awesome results! Woo hoo!!!!!! Lotsa hugs!

Milenka Says:

Great news, Lisa!

Joc Says:

Great news, I am really happy for you!

Dell. Says:

That is great news!!! Take this as a wake up call and get those paps done regularly. Does life take on a new meaning now?? I bet it does. It’s all good so go for it and live it well and enjoy your family. I am relieved for you.


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