What a freakin’ sweet day. It’s Friday. My weight has maintained. Hoping for SOME kind of loss by Monday, but it’s the numbers aren’t climbing, so that’s always a plus!! I can tell a difference in my clothes as well. They are fitting comfortably, some so comfortably they are baggy. So at least now I know that even if the pounds aren’t changing much, the inches must be. That’s always a beautiful thing. I started this journey, (how friggin long ago???) in a TIGHT 24. I’m in a 20. Loose 20. You don’t know how much I would love to see a size 18.

Tonight…oh my goodness, tonight…we are going to pick up our new car!! Well, it’s new to us…it’s a 2005 Ford Taurus. I have never in my life liked the looks of a Taurus for some reason, they just weren’t my style. This baby is a beauty. It’s a sportier body style with a fin on the trunk. It’s a metallic light sage green color. Very Perty. I will have Clint take a picture of me with her and post it. Oh boy, another picture promise. Let’s see if I can follow through with that this time.