I hate when I post downers…few days later when things blow over, I feel like I made a bigger deal than it really was. But it was honest, and what I was feeling, and I guess that’s what this place is about.

Things have gotten much better. When I mentioned that the scale could go *BLEEP* itself in the last post, it was because it was UP 5.5 lbs. in ONE day. Yes. Five and one half pounds in ONE DAY. The good news is, since then the 5.5 has removed itself and an additional pound followed. So I was down an official 1 lb. this week, but lost 6.5 total this past week. So I’m taking it as a 1 lb. loss. I feel better now.

*Boy readers, run now* I will have my ‘time’ in about 3 days, that could have very well been the problem. Why I forget this EVERY month is beyond me. I had so many YEARS without a period, that even though I have now been regular for the past 3-1/2 years, not missing one period, I still can’t believe, and tend to forget, that I am so regular. *Boy readers may resume*

I really feel good about my eating habits this past week. I have kept my bad carbs out. I have been eating fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats, and craving eggs right now. With my PCOS symptoms, the best diet I should be on to reduce symptoms is low-carb. It has to do with my insulin-resistance. I just can’t bring myself to do low-carb completely. Yeah, I followed Atkins and lost over 20 lbs. in a month’s time, but as soon as I started to eat normally because had gotten pregnant, it came back, and fast. So I’m thinking if I watch my portion sizes, eat low-carb foods but keep the fruits and veggies coming, things are going to be good. And, so far it really seems to be a good thing.

One thing I’m having trouble with and never have before is , water. Anyone who knows me in real life knows I live on water. I can get a gallon a day in no problem. Now all of a sudden, if it’s not a glass of water for my vitamins, I don’t want it. The only way I’m getting my water these days is mixing it with Raspberry Tea Crystal Lite. NOT Raspberry Ice, just the Raspberry Tea. I’m in love with it.

Exercise and activity has been great. My house is clean, yard work is getting done, walks with the girls at night are becoming a routine (Meggie in her stroller, which she’s getting entirely too big for, and Abbie on her bike, and me following along at around 4 MPH), or Abbie and I jumping on our bikes and riding…it’s a wonderful thing.

I also got myself a pair of rollerblades. To say the least, I need practice. They are alot less scary than they look, I will say that. Once you have them all strapped on, you can’t tip over. They look as though you would just twist your ankle off. They actually feel as sturdy as the 4-wheel roller skate. I just have to keep practicing my ability to roll forward. The only place I have to practice is in the barn (well, it’s a ’shop’ now since all of the animals are gone) and it gives me plenty of room, but we concreted the floor ourselves, so there are some little hills, gritty spots, stuff like that that make it kinda hard to keep my balance, but I’m getting it. What I don’t get is how to stop the friggin things. The brake is on the heel of my right foot. Yeah. It goes something like this: After you finally get yourself moving on the skates, keep your balance as you raise the toe of your right foot to apply brake. Sounds easy enough right?? Ever try it?? Not that easy. The manual for the things even say that the brakes are meant to stop you slowly. So, needless to say, once I get going, remember it’s time to try and slow down, there’s the wall. So I’m going doorway to doorway in the barn to literally slam into (catch myself if I’m lucky) to stop myself. Nice brakes, huh? I can’t bring myself to get on the road until I learn to stop. Anyone have any experience in this area that may be able to help me? Oh and one more thing. While you’re sitting down in the chair putting on your skates, how do you get up out of the chair without any help and without your feet rolling out in front of you while your butt smacks the ground???