Clint, the girls and I went grocery shopping last week. That sentence alone is scary. We ALWAYS spend more when the entire family goes…I like to go alone. Faster and cheaper. Anyways, I’m pushing the cart, we’re filling it up, and next thing you know, Clint is like 500 feet behind me. I stopped and waited for him to catch up. First thing he says to me, ‘Is your sugar getting too low?’ Uh, no. He kinda shoots me an odd look. (When my sugar gets too low I get kinda shaky, but I go 100 miles an hour because I feel really out of control…so that was his suspicion)… Next isle over, he’s behind again. Don’t men know you need to get in and out FAST with kids?? Again, he catches up. He asks me what’s wrong? Not a thing. Here, forgetting to tell him, I like to use my shopping as a quick workout. Why on earth should I stroll through the isles of the store all sexy-desperate-housewife-like when I can fly through there, buttocks tight, and do me some speed walking??? I guess I have been doing it for so long now, it didn’t occur to me that I was even doing it. I was just getting annoyed that he was slowing me down.

Now I just wonder what people are thinking of me as my hair blows in the wind I create as I fly through the isles. Man. Wonder if I look like I’m on crack.

Day 2 of ‘get-my-butt-back-on-track’ went really well.

I’m hooked on coffee. Hated it until 2 weeks ago. Then after having Hazelnut flavor, loving it, and now drink it quite a bit, I don’t have much of an appetite. Found out caffeine can do that for ya…caffeine…lovely and legal drug.

Crocheting. I’m hooked. no pun intended. I have recently re-learned crocheting and now find myself keeping my hands busy and they don’t put munchies into my mouth as often. So now I’m constantly making something, and undoing it, redoing it, then having Abbie ask me to make her a horse blanket for one of her 5,000 toy horses, and Meggie asking me to make her a headband. They are adorable. The crocheting thing is a great ‘take-your-mind-and-hands-off-fo0d’ kinda hobby. After I master it, I’m going to try knitting. Knitting just seems like fun with all the needles you gotta use and all.

This is your brain…this is your brain on caffeine and crocheting needles. My house is gonna get pretty scary. Maybe I’ll crochet a ‘cozy’ for my coffee pot. (PLEASE tell me you know I’m kidding).

I had a really sweet e-mail sent to me the other day on the pictures I had posted a week or two ago (you can still scroll down to see ‘em)…the lady who e-mailed me said she can’t see how I want to lose close to 100 lbs. still. That I don’t look as though it would be possible for me to lose that much…that was such an awesome compliment to hear, but believe me, it’s there. Here’s to, as Elizabeth put it, a sexy 2006!!! I can already tell people are looking for some motivation for the New Year. I have had close to 100 hits today! This is gonna be a great year, I can feel it!!!