Euh. That’s my nickname. Among others. Did I ever mention that here before?? Euh (pronounced E as in the letter and uh rhyming with ‘duh’…euh) has stuck with me since my little brother (2 years younger) was able to say my name. Instead of Lisa it would come out Euh. Most of the family still calls me that, except for my Grandma who calls me Lynna (my middle name is Lynn)…well she did until her stroke, now she calls me whatever name comes to her first…and my favorite uncle has always called me ’stretch’…cuz I’m 6′0″ tall and passed up much of my family at a young age.

NO clue what all that rambling has to do with, cept for explaining ‘Euh’ in the title.

I am officially back on track. Today is day 3. I can tell you the weight gain I had over the holiday weekend was substantial. Actually it was from about a week of doing and eating whatever the hell I wanted. Just a tip, when trying to lose weight, that attitude is NOT helpful. I am serious when I say I gained nearly 10 lbs. in just over a week. I know that my ‘time’ was here as well, so that was probably 4 lbs. of it, but I really and truly let loose and had a ‘I don’t care’ kinda attitude for awhile, and it was a nice break from the stress of worrying about it all the time, but obviously that kind of attitude can also cause alot of damage.

Good news is, as of this morning I have already lost about 8 lbs. of it So I’m tickled.

There’s a few more things I wanted to write about, but have since gone blank on it all, so I’ll post again later if it comes to me