Just saw on the Shop NBC site that my The Biggest Loser Workout DVD has been SHIPPED. I cannot freaking wait.

I got ALL…yes, every single piece…of Abbie’s Christmas gifts wrapped tonight. I’m SO excited, seeing as how last year on Christmas Eve, I was up until after 2:00 a.m. wrapping EVERYTHING. This feels like a huge weight off of me. Tomorrow night I tackle Meggie’s gifts. Something that we do to make it easier than having to sneak ‘Santa paper’ into the cart (Santa always has different paper than mom and dad)…is I tell Abbie that Santa doesn’t do it all…that me and daddy have to help…so we get the paper (the kids pick out which paper they want Santa to ‘magically’ wrap their gifts in. Abbie chose ‘Bratz’ paper and Meggie chose ‘Dora the Explorer’ paper. I couldn’t find Dora, but my mom did, so she’s bringing it to work tomorrow for me so I can get Meggie’s all wrapped also I love the look on their little faces when you can just see the ‘Santa’ daydreaming beaming from them. I know Abbie is 7 and who knows how much longer we will have for the Santa thing to live, but I’ve always been so scared that if, God forbid, Clint or I ever lost our jobs, how on EARTH would we ever be able to explain to them that Santa couldn’t bring anything that year, or at least very little. So we have always told the girls that we have to help Santa…just in case…you never know. It is just so sad to think that Abbie is getting to the age where it may end at any time. The excitement just makes me giggle. They wrote their Santa letters last weekend, and I ‘mailed’ them from work…and what do you know, but Santa’s letters BACK to the girls were in the mailbox the next day. I let Abbie check the mail that day when she got off the bus. She read the envelope and who it was from and RAN up the driveway…I hope they remember these moments as I do. I wrote the Santa letters at work that day, and acted like I was checking the mail when we came home and snuck them into the mailbox when Meggie didn’t see…messing with kids heads…how FUN is parenting?!?!?!

I do believe that’s it for me tonight. We are hosting Christmas Eve for my family and Clint’s parents, so we’re gonna be busy the next few nights getting everything ready…I will post as often as I can…I cannot BELIEVE that Christmas is in just 4 more days…unreal.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!!!! (Do you know I have only been told that 3 times this year??? Sick. Where is the SPIRIT people?!?!?!)