My arms are weak, if I wasn’t in this computer chair, my legs would have me on the floor, it hurts like HELL to breathe…I am officially withdrawing my application to The Biggest Loser.

Take my advice, when Jenn said she literally HURT to walk the next day after doing the TBL workout DVD…take the woman as serious as a heart attack. She’s not exaggerating…I can’t even IMAGINE what morning is going to smack me with.

The DVD came TODAY I was so tickled. Two days earlier than they told me. Got the kids in bed, asked Clint if he would mind watching TV in our room so I could try the DVD. Had the living room all to myself. Got my little 2 lb. hand weights out (cuz I just KNEW I was gonna kick ass and need weights…cuz I’m WOMAN (just for clarification, the weights are in the same spot they were when I first brought them out…that should tell you where this
he-woman thing is going)…

I watched a few inspirational summary’s of this season, created my own ‘custom’ workout (which is a VERY cool feature on the DVD, btw)…and hit PLAY.

10 minutes later, here I sit.

I swear to you…I made it 10 minutes. I was breathing so hard I got dizzy. I had to sit down. Now I’m telling you, I’m on Lippy anywhere from 30-55 minutes at LEAST 5 times per week. I’m not a weak person. I’m not wimpy. I could NOT do anymore.

This DVD has motivated me. I couldn’t master it in the first night…therefore it’s a challenge. I want MORE. My body, however, does not. For the love of Mike, even after the friggin WARM-UP my legs were BURNING.

I’m taking my measurements tomorrow before I tackle the DVD again. I remember how Lippy kicked my butt for how long…I can’t wait till I’m to that point with this DVD because I can tell already it’s an awesome workout and SO much different from anything I have seen before.

Jenn, honey, I will NEVER doubt you in my life.

Thank you SO much for all the Merry Christmas’ you all left me. When I was complaining about people not saying Merry Christmas, I wasn’t referring to here on my site or anything…like that wasn’t a pity cry for ’say it to me’…I was just ranting about my offline life…thank you to you all though…and Merry Christmas to you too!!! I’m SOOO stinkin excited!! I am worse than the kids.