Ok, after reading Jenn’s reviews about The Biggest Loser Workout DVD, and how much her body is hurting from it…I went to ShopNBC and ordered it myself. It is due to arrive on Friday the 23rd. Hope so

I am still fighting with the same ONE pound. Yesterday I was back down to 249, today (after eating out last night but made good choices, and had two long island iced teas) I was at 250.

I think a new workout routine will spice things up a bit on the scale. Maybe my body is also becoming immune to Lippy?!?! The same old workout, my body could be very well adjusted to it. I do still throw in the Walk Away the Pounds DVDs and have TRIED (and I stress TRIED) the Pilates, but the only reason I haven’t succeeded with Pilates yet is I don’t have a comfortable mat to do that on. Folded up blankets just don’t cut it. So that mat is on my Santa List. Otherwise this Pilates kicks ARSE…works muscles I never knew I had…

Also, I have been reading more about plateaus and it says they can last weeks to MONTHS…what-friggin-ever…this sucka’s gonna be outta here LONG before I’m doing this for MONTHS. Not going to let the plateau hang around for that long. I did read some things about how to break a plateau and I’m using those ideas now. Like spicing up the workout and adding more protein/less carbs kinda thing…my body is obviously very comfortable with the way that it’s treated at this point and doesn’t feel it needs to give me anymore. It’s got a surprise coming

I took a couple of full-body shots the other day and will post them soon…I just need to finalize the DVD in my camera and get them resized. Maybe I’ll do them now…who knows…otherwise you’ll see them in just a day or two They aren’t the greatest pictures and I will probably REALLY hate them when they are enlarged to a computer screen, but right now, when they are small pictures, in the camera, it looks as though I look smaller than I truly feel. I feel like the 297 lb. girl still, and she’s definitely not who’s staring back at me in these pictures so far. We shall see…

Alrighty…I did them…Here’s me at 249. I will add them to my photos page sometime soon, but at least you can see them for now. As you can easily see, my hips are most definitely my worst area right now that still need a big loss, besides my arms. I HATE my arms.

*UGH* I know the jacket covers in the top picture…but that’s the one that I don’t think I look as though I’m 249…I feel a HELL of alot bigger than I look in that picture. The bottom picture I pulled my jacket back because the shirt is one that ‘fits’ tighter so you can see my ‘curves’ and you can see my hips really (too) well.

I will update again tomorrow with what the scale shows in the morning.