I had no idea it had been so long since I had posted…We’ve been the usual busy. I have a ton of e-mails to write and return, got a little behind.

I am still doing really well points-wise, water-wise AND exer-cise…get it? sorry…that was sad.

Yesterday we were up and out of the house by 7:00 a.m. and we didn’t get to eat dinner and sit and relax until 7:30 p.m. We helped some friends of ours with some things they needed done in their yard to get ready to install an outside fire place thing, then we had to go and put in a small driveway at my work. It was a long day with very little points (even after dinner I ended up at only 17 points for the day), but TONS of water and about 12 activity points.

Today, I over-did it at breakfast a bit, but I’m not worried…I have some exercising to do today and make the rest of the day light with plenty of water and I’ll be fine

We have some light shopping to do in town today…we’re out of bread AND milk AND Special K red Berries (that’s why I went over on my breakfast…my staples are GONE)…and the girls both need new barn boots now that it’s fall and the ground stays nice and soggy till it freezes now…and then I want to go and check out our new Old Navy that just came into our mall last weekend. I love that store.

I found a couple of sites that have sneak peeks at the Black Friday sales at some different stores…I wasn’t real impressed with the sales that will be happening this year…especially with Wal-Marts ad…thought they would have a bit better pricing since their sales last year sucked, but I guess not…so I’m still debating whether to go out and join the crowds (which is a HUGE rush if you’ve never done it before…I leave the stores CRACKING UP laughing, while others quite possibly could leave with black eyes…these people get VICIOUS…hahahaha).

Just wanted to give an update that things are going really well. Even the scale has been nice to me. Last week was an odd one. That’s why I skipped weigh-in…for all the new guy readers, you may want to go ahead and move to the next post or site…this next sentence will mention, yep, you guessed it…my monthly. RUN! You’ve been warned.

Usually when my monthly comes, yeah, I’m up a few (even as much as 4 lbs.) but usually as soon as I start, it is gone like the next day. Last week that didn’t happen. As a matter of fact, this last week was probably one of my hardest ever to lose weight in a week. I really had to work hard to achieve the loss I’m showing so far for this week. Right now I am 1/2 lb. under my 50 lbs. again. So officially it is definitely a good loss, and even a great average loss for the past 2 weeks…so tomorrow I will post with my offical number and update everything…hopefully next month won’t be so rough on me