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I did 30 minutes on Lippy. 425.9 calories burned. I went a total of 1.515 miles. Wanted to go more, foot was tingly/not quite numb. Tomorrow morning I need to get my tukas outta bed and hit it again. I need my exercise energy back, and I’m working on getting it back.

I downloaded a really cool Excel program/chart from Benjamin at Finally Slim (links over > there) and he also has a post under todays (10 days of Moving Averages) that explains more about the behind the scenes of the chart. It made me think and seeing the chart is really cool Thanks Benjamin

I’m off to bed…time change is throwing me off a bit…kids are taking it better than I am. I just want to sleep at 7:00 p.m.

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By Lisa
On 10.31.05
At 10:48 pm
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Nicole Says:

Hi, Lisa:

Wow! We have the exact same starting weight. Of course, I’m four inches shorter than you, but still…you don’t run across that very often.

Congrats on getting yourself back on track today! I had a little more candy than I’d planned on yesterday, too. Fortunately, Monday’s the last day of my week, so I had some Flex points to play with.

I love your site. Keep up the great work!


Melissa Says:

Hey Lisa…just wanted to wish you a good mid week. I didn’t survive the Halloween Temptations but I am getting back into the groove of healthy eating today…my husband is joining me so it should be fun. lol

Happy Wednesday~Mel

Elizabeth Says:

Hey, Girl! Looks like you’re doing great! I’ve missed so much… sniffles…

Back into the swing of things today. We did a last minute move back to Vegas LMAO. LOOOOONG story on why, but we’re home and we’re loving it! Found a great place to live and I’m back on the diet and…. PHEW. Girl, if I ever tell you I’m thinking about moving again, please kick me…


Elizabeth Says:

Yeah, I didn’t get any emails. Hmmmm. You never responded to the ones I sent either so maybe you aren’t getting mine too? LOL My new address is linked above. Maybe that one works. Or, CALL ME Any time you want to, I am sooooo okay with that. Trust me, I could use a phone buddy. Life is so… hmmmm. Well, it’s life!

Kristi Says:

Hi Lisa…just stumbled across your website on my hunt for Weight Loss blinkies. And I’ve been enjoying reading all about your weight loss journey for the past 20 minutes! You go girl! Your site is wonderful.

I’d love to see your weight loss blinkies, if you’d care to share.

I’ll be back to check in on you! KUTGW!!!!!

SW: 266
CW: 228
GW: 150
Starting date: 8/29/05

Benjamin Says:

Lisa, you’re welcome for the chart — anything I can do to help fellow losers . Keep the exercise going. Treat it right, the gym can be like crack.

Linda Says:

I want to say “thank you” for sharing. I read the article on PCOS, I had a hysterectomy 20 years ago for cervical cancer, and that led to PCOS. I knew that my I was hairier than usual because of it, but never knew that the skin tags resulted from it also. Now I understand!
Two years ago I gained 30 pounds, and have been working like a dog trying to lose it, the same workout routine as yourself, without alot of results.
You have encouraged me to continue, thanks.

Mandy Says:

Hey girl! I’ve been trying to reach you! Email me!

Lisa Says:

Hi there,

I just stumbled accross your site by looking at some others blogs. You were linked there. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that your pictures are great, and they have given me the last amount on umph I needed to keep my diet going. Its nice to see someone who actually has visual results. YOU LOOK GREAT by the way!

Thank you



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