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I had a loss…a total of 6 lbs. That is for just over 2 weeks time. So not bad…I am happy that it’s such a good loss. HOWEVER. I missed my 50 lbs. by ONE pound. So I was really hoping to see that this morning. I was 1/2 lb. under it yesterday, now this morning I was one whole pound under hitting it. Oh well. Still a great loss for just over 2 weeks time. That is about 3 lbs. per week…that’s a great loss!! Next Monday I will have hit my 50 lbs. PLUS hopefully a couple extra to give me some leeway and stay safely below that 50 lbs. mark.

Like I said in yesterdays post, this past week has been a helluva week for losing…I had to work so hard to get the weight off…usually just dropping points a few will suffice and a loss will show. This week, I dropped points a bit (always 20 or above though, except for Saturday) got in plenty of daily exercise and water…and it still seemed a struggle to get the pounds down.

When I had gotten my 50 lbs. the first time (about 2-1/2 years ago) I remember the same fight happening. That was the hardest number for me to hit. It’s like my body wants the break from losing, so it just stalls right here. Ups and downs and stalls. Hopefully the last 2-3 weeks have been exactly that, and it can be over now and the losing can continue

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By Lisa
On 11.07.05
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Nicole Says:

Wow! Congratulations on the loss! I’d be doing cartwheels if I lost that much.

That said, I do understand your frustration. It seems when we’re trying to reach a particular goal it takes FOREVER.


Elizabeth Says:

Oh wow! 6 pounds! I understand the frustration of not hitting the number you WANTED to see, but 6 pounds in 2 weeks regardless is fantastic! I am so proud of you, girly! You must be thrilled!

And, maybe the whole seeing a smaller number yesterday than today is why we’re NOT supposed to weigh in everyday, hm? LOL That rule makes sense, but it’s sooooo not possible.

Sending you lots of luck vibes that this week is just as wonderful!

Lisa W Says:

Keep up the good work. Here’s some helpful info that might help on your weight loss journey. Hope it helps!!!

Jenn K Says:

We’ll get ‘em next week RIGHT?? I’ll take you up on you BIGGEST LOSER KICK @$$ Workout girly! I walked 2 miles this am AND cleaned house already LOL! I need to get a dresser moved in the spare room so I can give the BowFlex a good workout - it’s missing me…..

Michelle Says:

WOW …congrats on your weight loss…that is awesome! I have been following your journal here for the past few weeks and you are such an inspiration to me and I wanted to let you know that. I am in the process of trying to lose 100+ pounds myself and when I get down and out or want to give up I come here and read ….you keep me going. I also count points with WW …and right now I am at that stalling point …I am only 6 lbs from the 50 lb. loss mark and it’s frustrating but I am trecking on …I want to be the biggest loser LOL. Again thanks for sharing your weight loss journey with the rest of us …it’s such a blessing.

Susie Says:

Hi Lisa,
I just wanted to let you know that I just found you through googling “motivational weight loss stories”. I am so impressed with your progress. I am also very impressed with your website. Are you a designer? How did you do it? Yourself or through L4C Hosting? I want to try this, too. I think it would help keep me on track. I need something! Anyway, I’m sure this is not the proper way to contact you (I’m new to the blogging world), but I just wanted to tell you you’re doing great!!


kimmie Says:

Wow that is great! You inspire me all the time. I think I’ve been reading here for at least a year, maybe more? I recently figured out my weightloss issues. I had been successful on WW before, losing 45 lbs (and promptly got preggers). My daughter is almost 3 now and a couple of months ago I weighed myself and looked back at charts. I weighed as much as I did the day before she was born! I knew how much I weighed (daily weigher) but I had been in complete denial of how bad it had gotten.

I have done the WW points at least 3-4 times since she was born, even going to the meetings for a couple of months. But nothing was working!!

So I started some new (expensive) vitamins and the South Beach Diet (but STILL counting my WW pts because I don’t trust myself). I’ve lost almost 20 lbs in 2 months! I’m very excited that this way of eating has helped me get back to losing. I still have 40-60 lbs to go… I don’t know what I want my goal to be. But I feel like using this way of eating combined with mostly following WW pts for tracking I can lose the rest of the weight.

Everybody has to do what works for them, right? (my hubby couldn’t do SBD very well but WW works great for him)

Just wanted you to know that you are still an inspiration to me every day!

Kacy Says:

Hi there! I was wanting to visit some of you I haven’t lately. I know what you mean about water intake. YUCK! I played the Lottery yesterday for the first time in a long time. It was up to 262 MILLION! Can you believe? I haven’t checked my numbers so we’ll see. Someone has to win right? God Bless ya honey!

Samantha Says:

Hi ya Lisa,

I am a new reader to your blog.. just started with your Nov 7th post.. Oh would you be so mugged.. still as your talked about it.. I was smiling and nodding.. It would be such a great feeling.

I just started WW this month the 7th.. Oh the control issues I am having.. I haven’t as yet haven’t gotten up and moving.. I have going to see the Doc before starting that.. just to make sure all is ok.. Haven’t really moved in like ahh 10 years..

Though you would like to know.. that you have inspired someone today. I know it isn’t the same as handing out Wal Mart cards. For me that is dang close to the same feeling.

Side note I tried one of your Main dishes ideas and LOVED it.. Thank you.. it is was so much better than any of the WW tv dinners I picked up and all it tasted wonderful.

Love the look of your site. Liked it so much I bought the graphic set as well.. Hubby is going to site down and help me to set up my pages once I know what all I want on it.. LOL.

Honestly I have to say.. out of all the WWblogs or pages I have seen.. Yours has so much info.. I was feeling a little in over my head till I hit your page.. So thanks for putting yourself out there.. It can’t be easy.. to let the world watch you watch the scale..

Thanks again!


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