Where the Lisa from October 6, 2005 has gone is the mystery. She was a lively, active, concious point counter who was reaping the benefits of her daily efforts. Sadly, she has gone missing.

The Lisa who has taken her place seems to be taking her sweet time becoming the old Lisa.

Today is my Do-Over button.

MAKING myself journal, stick to points again and already got in a 1 mile speed walk…exercise seems to be my key. When I exercise I feel more motivated. Gives me the energy and the positive outlook that I thrive on. So the plan for tonight is at least 30 minutes on Lippy. Then I can either do a 2nd 30 minutes session on Lippy or get out my 2 mile WATP DVD to mix things up a bit. Either way, I want at LEAST another full hour of working out tonight. And tomorrow. and the next day. and so on.

I’m glad I had the freedom over the weekend with the wedding and all, but it just seems to come back and bite me in the butt when I give myself a little break. Getting back on is the hardest thing ever.