Ok…so weigh in was not the greatest…not something that can’t be changed, and it actually HAD to have been a loss from LAST Monday, after the whole ‘whiskey-free-for-all’ that weekend. I knew I was up last week, therefore, avoided the scale, and it was needed. So this week, I’m swallowing what’s left of my pride and chalking up a 2 lb. gain. Karen wrote me last night and said she’s on the same path, so we are now back to e-mailing each other our days; points used, water intake and exercise. Accountability is a big thing with me and she’s been awesome. She’s there daily and sticking with me and that helps me SO very much.

I have been really battling my depression lately. I haven’t had serious problems with it at all since before I got pregnant with Abbie (over 7 years ago). I have basically kept a positive mind, didn’t let things get me down, but now lately I feel like I’m losing the battle. It’s not severe where I want to harm myself, but I’m realizing that right now I can’t do it alone. I’m starting a new medication to see if that may put me on a more even keel, so maybe even that will help with my weight loss…not the medication itself, but so that my emotions aren’t so out of whack and my eating could be controlled a bit better than I do at times right now. There have been a couple of instances lately that I’m a bit ashamed of my reactions to situations I was in. I really want to feel more like me. I don’t like the ‘focus’ to be on me in any situation. I’m an outgoing person, but not to the point where I like to attract attention, and that is kind of what happened in one instance. Now don’t go picturing some lunatic woman screaming and running through a crowd with her hands flailing above her head and her boobs flopping from side to side, cuz it was far from that. Just need a bit more work on ‘me’ and I think it’s going to be a positive one with my weight loss also

So today I’m off to a better week!! Here’s to next weigh in!!!!