Crappy doesn’t even BEGIN to describe how icky I feel today. Yes, it’s my own fault. Completely over-did it with the alcohol Saturday night at the reception, but 2 days of hangover crap? Bit much. I danced the whole time that the music was playing and had a ball, but still today don’t know HOW I was able to do that.

First, whiskey. I don’t do whiskey. Well, Saturday, apprently, I did. My brother, Laddie, introduced me to…as he puts it…a ’smooth’ irish whiskey. It’s called Jamison or something to that effect. I was either so drunk I truly didn’t care or it really wasn’t that bad. Either way, before the night was over and ‘last call’ was called, I had bestowed upon my body, 5 shots of it. Add another 3 shots of Kamakaze’s and one shot of Nutty Irishman, plus 5 large drinks that were made specially for me by the not so hard to look at bartender, which he named ‘The Lisa Special’, one white russian, one black russian, and I do believe there were at least 2 more drinks that I can’t put my finger on at the moment. SO…you can only imagine what my stomach feels like today.

We left on Friday morning at 4:00 a.m. We had 8-1/2 hour uneventful drive, which was so lovely in comparison to the LAST Jersey trip where the wheel of our car decided it wanted to head NORTH when ourselves and the rest of the car wanted to continue SOUTH. We got there around 12:30 p.m. and had some really nice relaxing time to just hang out in the hotel rooms. Our room had it’s little deck on it that looked right out over the ocean. We could leave our door open that led to the deck and had the most awesome cool, salty ocean breeze that filled the room. There is no other smell that is so refreshing. If you have never been to the ocean, you MUST be there to really appreciate what I mean by that smell reference. It’s amazing.

We had rehearsal dinner that night, but no wedding rehearsal as it was pouring down rain, as it did all weekend. So the wedding that was scheduled to be rehearsed and carried out on the beach, didn’t happen outdoors. But we had the rehearsal dinner and it was awesome. The food and company couldn’t have been any better. To finally meet all of Bridget’s family was amazing. It was like sitting in a room full of our own family. Everyone got along amazingly, and they are party-ers like our family is. Complete mesh happened. They truly are family.

Saturday morning we woke up and went down for the Continental breakfast, and then back to the room to do nothing. Clint, the girls and I had a room, and my parents had a room right above us. Laddie stayed with them so that he wasn’t with Bridget on the actual wedding day, so we had a great relaxing day until time for the wedding.

The wedding was so unique and not traditional in some senses. Everything was perfect. Bridget was SO beautiful and my brother just looked amazing. I will get pictures up very soon, but these two just have this ‘thing’ about them. They just shine. People are literally drawn to them and it’s an amazing thing to witness. They kept their wedding attire completely secret from one another, down to the colors they were going to be wearing. When Bridget walked down the aisle on the arm of her father, I couldn’t get over the look on Laddie’s face. He just looked her up and down, what seemed like 100 times, while tears just streamed. They had some awesome irish/celtic traditions in their ceremony, that were so unique. So ‘them’. Couldn’t have asked for anything more.

The dinner was amazing and then the dancing started. I drank/danced/laughed. That seriously sums up my night. I couldn’t have had a better time. Poor Bridget got her foot stepped on by a lady that my brother was trying to teach how to dance some kinda dance. The lady had on spike heels! When we saw Bridget on Sunday morning her foot was swollen and purple. I have pictures. I take pictures of odd things…be prepared. So Saturday night, Abbie and Megan had to leave after the ceremony, as it ’s a law in Jersey that children cannot be anywhere NEAR an establishment that serves alcohol. So Clint and I left and got them to their ‘Kid Party’ and headed back to the reception. He left around 9:30 pm. to pick them back up and head back to the hotel with them…and I stayed with everyone else and finished off the night. They offered a shuttle service to get everyone wherever they were going so no one had to drive. That was such a thoughtful idea to have taken care of.

I got back to the hotel around 12:30 a.m. and CRASHED. We were up and at Laddie & Bridget’s place they were staying at around 11:00 a.m. and on the road just after Noon. I hate goodbyes…

So, here I am today…sick…but doing. I did, however, just try to get some spaghetti down since I haven’t eaten much today, but now it’s bed time and I’m sure to have nightmares. No idea why, but when I eat spaghetti before bed, never fails…nightmares. Kinda makes me NOT want to go to sleep.

But, I need to. This is day #4 with no Lippy. No intentional exercise. Where did the LessLisa that was here just 4 days ago go? I know the weekend was hectic, no gym at the hotel, very busy running all the time anyways, and today still feeling like I need to recoup…so tomorrow, Lippy gets a workout