Hey everyone! Sorry for the downtime, but where my site is hosted was hacked and everything was a disaster. Jana (who is my host) did an amazing job of getting it all back together. She had a rough few days, but everything looks pretty good now THANK YOU JANA!!!!

We got back from our New Jersey weekend for my brother & Bridget’s wedding and I will get some pictures up soon as I can…it was the most beautiful wedding and reception I have ever seen.

Because of our weekend away, it was not as easy as I had hoped for my food choices. I haven’t weighed in since 4 a.m. on Friday (and at that point I was down 2 lbs. to 250…), and I’m not going to have a weigh in until NEXT Monday. I am afraid of a gain because of this weekend and I really don’t want to get discouraged.

I will update more later, I just wanted to note about what was going on with my site also

Oh, and if anyone is still seeing this site funny (like the journal part in my inline frame) and you have to scroll to read, please let me know. If your settings for viewing the web are not set at 1024 X 768 that will also make a difference in how you view my site. Let me know Thanks!!!