What a great feeling to be doing SO great. I can’t get over the ‘natural high’ of it all. I have self-control, I have willpower, I am exercising, eating right, getting in my water…what more can a girl ask for?

I just made the most delicious grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup for lunch (skipped breakfast, which is a HUGE oddity for me). I had 1/2 C. of tomato soup (I make it with FF milk instead of water, not so acidy tasting, but adds 1/2 pt. per serving), and for my grilled cheese sandwich I used my lite bread for 1 pt. and one slice of regular cheese (I ran out of my FF slices) 2 pts., and 2 thin slices of tomatoes on it. On top of the tomatoes I sprinkled some garlic powder on, and then grilled it at usual. MAN was that thing tasty!!! And the sandwich itself was only 3 pts. Would be only 2 if you use FF slices of cheese as they are only 1 pt. each. But it gave it SO much flavor with the tomato and garlic powder! Try it sometime!!

I have a question, and want to get ALOT of response, so even if you just come here to visit and never comment, please comment to this question…PLEASE?!?!? I was told a couple of times now that I should try to make a small profit on the side from my website, as so many people use it for reference for WW and enjoy the information on it. I can’t see adding a donation button, or anything like that…it’s just not me. What I WAS thinking is, I have a HUGE stockpile (like 100’s) of Weight Watcher friendly recipes already in my Word program. I wanted to do was have a ‘Less Lisa WW Friendly Cookbook’ kinda deal that I could send out electronically through e-mail. Would any of you be interested in purchasing something like that? The points are included and everything. I am just kind of curious how doing something like that on my own would go over. Please don’t feel as though you would hurt my feelings by saying no…I would just like honest opinions on whether that would be something of interest, or if there is too much of that kind of thing already out there?

Jenn (Against the Odds) is having a challenge to lose 20 lbs. before Christmas. If you are interested in joining her (Karen and I both are) please check out her site and let her know you’re on board too!!! Having a challenge is the BEST thing to get your motivation back and get back on track. If you need some support and wanna join in, check it out…very simple challenge…and we’d all be here for you!!!