Thanks to everyone who has commented on my previous post…I really appreciate all of your support. As soon as I get the chance I am going to ’spruce up’ my PCOS page and get that back up here…seems it’s needed

Things are going great The nibbles and burns truly do work…it’s amazing…I won’t post a weigh-in until this Saturday though and give the end result for the week

We have had two new baby cows born in the past week…the first was on July 2nd, his name is Koda, and last night we actually go to watch the entire birth of the newest baby bow…it was completely amazing. Megan was already in bed, but Abbie got to watch with us, and our neighbors and their 3 kids watched as well…it was such an awesome sight…the baby boy born last night Abbie named Kenai…so now we have babies Kenai and Koda (like from Brother Bear, for those of you who have seen that movie ) They are gorgeous…

Other than those exciting things, everything else is same ‘ol Clint is working 12 hour days 7 days a week for the entire month of June…and those 12 hour days have been more like 13-15 hour days for him…he’s exhausted…so it’s just me taking care of the home front which works in my favor because between the kids, house and animals I’m a pretty busy girl…not much time to worry about eating, and I’m definitely getting in plenty of activity

I hope you all are doing just as well