You may have noticed the new ribbon ^above^ with the link for PCOS. I have fixed up, rearranged and added new info and links to my PCOS pages, and have them all linked up now So if you are interested and want to learn more about this disease, please feel free to read it and maybe understand me a little better as to why I am trying so hard to find something that really does work for me to lose weight and become a healthy person.

My personal story of my PCOS struggles with infertility were deleted some time ago by accident, and I’m working on re-writing that, so as soon as I can finish it up, I will post that also so that you can read what a miracle and blessing my two young daughters really are Thanks everyone for all of your support!!!

Elizabeth & Karen ~ You two are so encouraging and I really appreciate all of your support…more than you can know…thank you ladies!!!