I received a comment today and I would really like to address it, because whether it was meant nicely or not, it kinda struck a chord with me…here’s the comment:

Hi. I hope you won’t take this the wrong way but I think you fall for gimmicks to easily. You always have a new one. Are you still drinking white tea?

First of all, it’s green tea, and YES I am still drinking it. I know the benefits of drinking green tea, and I continue to keep it as part of my daily intake.

Second…I don’t ‘fall for gimmicks’…what I DO constantly do is to read and research anything and everything I can that effects me, my body and my life. I don’t call that falling for a gimmick. Not in the least. I constantly look for new ways to keep myself interested, motivated and succeeding on my weight loss. That’s just me. I get bored easily. I have YET to stray from following Weight Watchers. That’s my thing…my ‘gimmick’…although it’s far from a gimmick…it WORKS…No matter what I may find that I can try to help myself, it never waivers from my total Points intake following WW.

As for my last 2 posts on the nibbles and burns thing, it too is not a gimmick, it is a way to raise my metabolism. I guess I really do need to get my PCOS page back up so people can understand what I’m going through with this and how it effects my body. I’m at my wits end with trying to lose weight and the PCOS completely makes it a fight the whole way. So I DO and will CONTINUE to find whatever I can that can help my body in any way, become fit and healthy.

This comment was a bit harsh I think…the only reason that I post new things here that I am looking into, finding out about, and learning about, is to help anyone else that may be having the same troubles as I am, staying focused and motivated. Maybe they are struggling and I have found something that may work for them…get them a little closer to their goal…I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

Maybe I took this a bit too personal, but I feel as though you are completely belittling me and all I have worked so hard for up to this point…I hate having to ‘deal’ with negativity here…I steer clear of it…so please, next time you have something negative to say, at least leave an e-mail address…thanks