Things are going really well. I have come to learn a few new things about myself in just the past couple of weeks. First, about my blood sugar (hypoglycemia)…All the time I have had to deal with my blood sugar plummeting because I hadn’t eaten, I would just EAT to keep my sugar level decent, or at least to the point where I didn’t feel an oncoming passing out episode. Well, DUH…as I was cleaning out the cupboard, I pulled out my bottle of glucose tablets from the back, and realized a whole lot in one split second.

I believe that since the time I was diagnosed with my PCOS and hypoglycemia that it has been basically a free license for me to eat. I was told to eat several times per day. THEIR words were several SMALL meals per day. Well, me and my brain decided that the word SMALL in that sentence, didn’t need to be there. What me and my brain coherently coded that sentence to mean was ‘EAT ALL DAY’. There came my eating ‘habit’.

I eat when my sugar is low. Which is often if I only eat when I’m truly hungry. ~Enter glucose tablets~

Yeah…HELLO MCFLY!!! I have been realizing I truly don’t have much of an appetite. When my sugar is dropping I take a glucose tablet. VIOLA!!! Sugar levels are better and I didn’t consume 300 calories to get it that way.

Can someone please explain to me why the most obvious solutions seem to take forever to make themselves appear?? Ok…so maybe it’s just me…wouldn’t be the first time.

Anyhow, after my great loss the week before last, this past Saturday was a gain. But, I knew it was one of those ‘couple days’ where it’s up and it’s a fluke thing. For the first time I think EVER I didn’t let it get me down. I had this little voice telling me not to let it get me. It was a fluke. And it was right. After basically eating less, moving more (we all know we’ve heard it a million times) I am down 6 lbs. from the gain I had mid-week last week. It’s keeping me motivated, and just figuring a few things out feels like a brand new start.

I don’t want to jinx myself or anything, so I’m gonna leave it at this…take my advice and listen to your body. Find simple solutions. Don’t read more into what needs to be done to complete this journey than needed. Get up. Move. Eat when HUNGRY. It works. It really works.