First, some good news…I got on Lippy last night AND used my Body Ball Go me Felt awesome!!!

About the changes…I just spent the last hour and a half going through AGAIN and re-naming files because people are STILL direct linking to me. I am going to have to pull my blinkies, and possibly re-add them as zip files. I don’t know what else to do. Not long ago, my entire site was copied and stolen and put up on another site. This is insane. Are the graphics and blinkies really THAT important to someone??? Alot of years and hard work has gone into my site and I’ve about had it. I have better things to do than protect all the work I have done. It my come down to passwording the entire site and only regular visitors and friends will be allowed access…If anyone has any ideas, please pass em along. I hate for you all to have one more password to have to store. Mel, I know you can help LOL…I would need some help from you if you can…Thanks guys!!!!