Yes sirree - I be here!

Things are just plain busy, no other reason for my absense. Clint and I were both on vacation last week and spent the whole week painting the inside of our house. Well, I should say *I* spent it painting. Clint had other odds - n - ends to do, but I worked my BUTT off literally, to get it all done in one week, and I did I went back to work this morning just to relax. But the house looks awesome

I have had an up and down last few months dieting-wise. Yeah, I had a great loss last week, didn’t weigh-in this week. But I feel like I’m being torn 1,000 different directions in what I should and shouldn’t do to lose the weight. That was basically my whole point of my last post - to just eat less, move more. There are so many articles and news flashes and all that tell you what you should do, then next month, oops, nope, we were wrong. For example…how long have we heard the sun causes cancer. Yet now they are saying *SOME* sun could actually PREVENT cancer. You get the idea. With all that is talked about what it good/bad for dieting/weight loss, how can you NOT feel completely confused / discouraged / hopeless ??? That’s my position at the moment. I want so desperately to stick with my points, but at the same time, I want to watch my carbs, and at the same time I want to follow the Special K Red Berries cereal box and lose 6 lbs. in 2 weeks and yet I want to follow the plan on my Yopait light yogurt containers that claims that if I eat 3 servings of this yogurt that is the one proven to show that it helps burn more calories when combined with a low-calorie plan. So, at the moment, I’m combining it all.

Did that paragraph even make a shred of sense???

Anyhow…that’s me in a nutshell…or should I say nutcase?? There’s so much I’m struggling with and wondering about and trying and experimenting with, and just hoping for a good result.

So just to let you all know I’m still here, still on a roll and still using every ounce of willpower and energy I have left to finish this journey once and for all.

I want to say a big Hello to all the new visitors I have had, those who have left comments and those who have just found me, popped in, and listed me as a read or inspiration. It means the world to me that you all are always behind me.

To new reader Elizabeth - Good luck with the WW !! I want to check out their site and look into the deluxe kit you talked about. Something new and shiny always gives me new motivation…maybe that would help Also, blogging makes a WORLD of difference for me to keep me motivated. Encouragement from complete strangers is just unbelievable. I have been so blessed with the friends I have made through my site, and the support people online offer, you can’t beat it. There are MANY places you can go and get a free online diary… is one…I know there are alot of them…might be something to look into if you think it may also help you! If you decide to do that, please drop me a comment with the link, I would love to follow your success!!!

And to Jen - You have left so many wonderful comments, and I don’t get much time usually to post personal responses here, but I wanted to give you a special HEY !!! Congrats on your own Lippy also!!! How are you liking it so far?? I finally got myself back at mine I am going to try and get myself on a routine of getting up just 15 minutes earlier in the morning and doing 15 minutes on Lippy before my shower, then again at night before bed for just 15 minutes more. That will give me 6 activity points per day just with that alone I hope you are enjoying yours as much as I have mine!!!

Now that I have written a major entry, I will let you all off the hook (if you are still reading, that is) and let you go for now… I want to try and post more often…I always get so many swirling thoughts that need to come out here, and when I hold them too long, they come out all rambly such as this one did…my mind is a pretty scary place to be