Yeah…you know…those dreaded plastic, cold, hard, NARROW lawn chairs that are only made for people with narrow ‘arses’…I HATE them…I hate going to parties and *trying* to sit in them…you just have that *feeling* that when you stand up, the sucker is gonna STILL be stuck to your butt…some of you HAVE to know what I mean…even if you don’t, please tell me you do, so I don’t feel so bad…

Anywho…went to a party Friday night, where, I might add, I got LOTS of compliments from family I haven’t seen since mid-summer…well, I went and sat by the fire with Megan because she was tired and my arms were killing me from holding her…so I figured, I will suffer through the humiliation of getting up and pulling the chair off my butt…well, sat with her by the fire for awhile, and when I got up to head back to the group by the garage, I stood up, and was CHAIRLESS!!! …I never even realized when I had sat down to begin with, my hips never touched EITHER side arm rests!!! I was FLOORED…I don’t even REMEMBER the last time I sat in a lawn chair, and for that reason, and now, the fear is OUTTA HERE!!! It was an AWESOME moment…you know, the ones that might sound SO stupid, but you never forget em

I have also come to realize that I got fat to learn a lesson I think *someone* was making me learn a lesson with all I have suffered through with my weight. I was a VERY skinny child, teenager, etc. NEVER had to watch what I ate, blah blah blah…I’m sure you’ve heard that before…But I was also one of *those people* who CONSTANTLY complained that I was too fat. And, I seriously DID believe I was too fat…I NEVER wore bathing suits around friend, never swam at the beach (well, not to mention my fear of water, but I still never even wore a bathing suit to lay out at the beach)…I felt HUGE…So, I think I was taught a lesson…to APPRECIATE my body….no matter how big I once was…I will NEVER be that way again, and I will APPRECIATE every step of becoming and STAYING thin

I know that I will NOT look in the mirror when I am at goal, and not know how far I came to get there, and appreciate every inch of my body…stretch marks and all I can feel already that I love ME

RANDOM THOUGHT: I saw this on the back of a low-rider pick up truck today, with a *punk* kid driving….Too Low for a Fat Hoe! How pathetic is that…so of course I was all uncomfortable wondering if he spotted the ‘fat girl’ behind him, to which his
stupid decal referred to…

Ok…so I’m not 100% loving ME *yet*…but I’m getting there!!! hahahah