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It IS April, is it not?!?!?!

Last week we were at 70 degrees. Last night and today? We now have over 2 FEET of snow on the ground. Lovely.

Today was kick @$$ for me. I did tremendous on my food intake, and even more amazing on my exercise. On Lippy today, I managed 624.8 calories burned (195.2 fat calories), 1.546 miles, and a total of 32:51 minutes. I split this into two separate workouts today and this was my total. That is awesome. It is working better for me if I keep each run on Lippy at around 20 minutes (today, each run was just over 16 minutes each). I don’t experience the foot numbness at all. 30 minutes at a time is too much for my body when that is happeneing, so the 20 minutes works perfect.

I have a secret. There is something I am doing, trying, and hopefully will love the results of, and I need to give it at LEAST one month to measure my results. I won’t give the details until I know for sure the outcome. I have read and researched this new secret of mine, and started it. I will give all the details and results (and possibly photos if I feel brave enough) on or around April 30. How rotten of me to mention it and not spill, huh? Truthfully, it’s only because there is so much ‘hype’ about so many things in the diet world and I truly get sick of hearing about all the ‘magic’ things that can make you lose weight so quickly, and yet they never work. This is something that’s not well-known, and not talked about much at all unless you are looking for this specific topic, so I want it to stay that way (here at least) until I see the actual results that it can bring. Then I will also explain all of the benefits as well. I will tell you this…it’s not a diet pill.

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karen Says:


Cristy Says:

I’m so gla to hear it’s not a diet pill :0) Not that I thought you would go that route, but ya know how it is with all of these stupid pills out here :0(

I can’t wait to hear what it is and I wish you success in it, because I know your safe when it comes to things like this. I haven’t been around much the past 2 weeks but just updated my journal :0)

Mel Says:

Interesting…good luck with whatever it is you are testing out!

Hugs, Mel

Jenn K Says:

TEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! I wanna know your *secret*! Sounds like you are doing wonderful darling I miss chatting with ya though. Do we need to schedule a time?!?!?! hehehe Loves ya!

Lany Says:

Hi Lisa. I had a link to your site in my favorites. I don’t know when I got it, but I am glad I found it. Your site is great. You have a great bunch of links and I wish you all the best on your weight loss journey. I myself have about 140 more pounds to go. I have been struggling my whole life with my weight. How did you create such an awesome board? I am so new to this blogging web stuff. I have a cheesy site through geocities, but I have no clue how to add the blog stuff. Do you have any places to recommend that creates a site like yours? Thank you again for sharing your journey and I will definetly keep checking in to see how you are doing! I am looking forward to this secret of your as well )


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