We went to Dick’s sporting goods store tonight because they have tree stands on sale and clint wanted one for hunting…anyways, I was bored in camo-land and walked around the REGULAR-SIZED ladies clothing…I found a really cute light pair of black workout pants…not nylon, just very soft light weight…they are an XL…I held them up to me to see if they would even be long enough…I’m 6 foot tall and have a HECK of a time just finding something LONG enough, let along HUGE enough for my used-to-be-big self! LOL…anyways…I held them up to me, LONG ENOUGH…so I figured, I’m getting them (they were on sale for $9.00) and if they don’t fit (as I expected to need at LEAST a XXL) I figured they would soon!! Well, I got home slid the suckers right on!!!!! a REGULAR XL!!!!!!!! I’m SOOO excited!!!!!!!!! The one pair that I do have that are like nylon wind breaker style are a XXXL hahaha…needless to say they are huge and I have to tie the waist to wear them, but they are the lightest pair of pants I have for weigh ins and they are my favorite for walking and exercising…so now I have some SMALL pants that fit PERFECT HEE HEE

Just weird how we still see ourselves as our ‘old’ selves and don’t give our bodies credit for the changes it’s gone through…I still thought I would definitely need something so much bigger…I even felt comfortable walking around the regular sized area tonight…usually I wait for some sirens and flashing lights because the ‘big girl’ is in the ‘little girl’ section!!! ROFL …had to share…I’m all chatty tonight and now this just made my day!!!!!!!!