I’m SO hooked on salsa right now!!! My husband makes home-made, with ingredients right from our garden And I can’t quit eating it…I swear since Saturday I have eaten 3 jars by myself!!! I have used it mixed with mushrooms and put that in taco shells with lettuce, AWESOME. I’m eating it plain with some tortilla chips, crackers, or baked lays…doesn’t matter…I’m CRAVING it!!! I have heard (not sure if it’s true or not) but that spicy food speeds up your weight loss…so I BETTER have a good loss next week

BOTH of my girls are sick Kept Abbie home from school today, and they both have been fevering, Megan worse with fevers, but both with cuh-cuh noses, and froggy voices…Dr. can’t see us till morning as they are completely booked, so hopefully we won’t have any trips to the ER tonight

I stuck with my eating last night, but did finish my points. Not even 1/2 point over though Right at my target, and scale is already down today…not holding my breath, but I am doing awesome Just need to keep the partying to a minimum

Well, Meggie’s up again crying, so I need to grab her…hope you all are doing great!!!