Just a quick post…wanna see what ALCOHOL can do to your body???? ROFL…I was up, but ONLY up 0.6 lbs. So no biggie…1/2 lb. is nothing and I KNOW what I did wrong this week, and usually on my weigh-in days, I don’t count points after meeting and it’s my *free* day, but today, NOPE!!! I have only used 12 pts. so far today and am planning on having about 6 more, and then that is IT for today…I know I will be WAY under points, but oh well. I just got back from walking just over a mile too after meeting, so I’m feeling good I will be back in a bit to update my regular site with my weigh in on my chart and all Lay-ta!!!

Later…I finally got my THINspiration page up!! As of right now there are 174 ideas to help you stay on track with your diet!!! Click on my LessLisa link (above) and the link is on that page Hope you find some new info to help you If you have any tips that you would like to see added there, PLEASE let me know!!!!