Can’t believe it’s the weekend already! I’m so excited to get next weeks weigh-in here I am in such a positive frame of mind, and I have been doing so awesome sticking with my points. I haven’t used ANY of my flex points yet this week, and I’m finding myself looking for snacks before bed to fill my points again. I don’t want to jinx myself, but I am very happy with how it’s going.

I haven’t even had any sabotaging thoughts at all lately. You know how you have something to eat, and figure, well, THAT was a bad choice, or something that might put you over points, so you figure, ‘Oh well, I already blew it, I might as well have (whatever)’…not ONE time have these thoughts crossed my mind…I have stuck to journaling every single thing BEFORE I eat it, exercising like a fool, and the scale is, once again, my friend…I am sure to be pretty happy come Tuesday night

Clint and I are going on a ‘date’ tomorrow night. No kids That doesn’t happen very often at ALL anymore, so we are going to Erie to go to dinner, and possibly a movie. We may just wander the mall after dinner or something, but we will have a few hours of just US We need to sit tonight and figure out where we are going so that I can get Points figured for my meal ahead of time, so I can figure accordingly during the day tomorrow…I can’t wait

I just joined a new group called Country Friends Losing Weight. I will have a link to it later on tonight so that you can check it out if you are interested. I have heard the group is amazing, and it’s always so nice to have as many supporters on a journey like this as you can. So I’m excited about that also

I have added a few new ‘reads’ to my list lately, so be sure to check them out! And on my main LessLisa site (link above) I have updated my Weight Watchers Points charts to reflect the new Flex Point Target, added a THINspiration page with all kinds of tips, ideas and inspiration to keep you going, and I added a new page also under Weight Watchers Recipes that gives Low Point substitutes for High Point ingredients in recipes.