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Bad, bad, me…

Bad, Bad, Me…

I didn’t go to weigh-in tonight…I am wanting to slap myself, but I am just TOO swamped with last-minute things to have ready…we are hosting Christmas Eve dinner here tomorrow…It will be us (Clint, me, Abbie, and Megan), my mom and dad and Clint’s dad and step-mom…will be a great day, but I had too much to do today, including finishing up blankets, and ALL of my wrapping, plus get the house cleaned…Oh well…

Clint brought out my presents all wrapped up, and the big one is DEFINITELY scale-size…ROFL…so we’ll see I know the *little* one HAS to be Tori Amos CD Santa’s so good to me hahahahah…guess we’ll find out for sure in just 1-1/2 more days!!!!!!!

I didn’t do too well with my food today…I am definitely still in my points range (not even at lowest yet) but my choices haven’t been the best…ya know how it is with all the cookies, and chocolate…that’s the ONLY bad thing about this time of year…but I am counting EVERY single thing that hits my mouth, and I’m keeping myself in my range…at lowest mostly…so I’m still safe, but with breastfeeding, I really need to make some healthier choices with my food…for Megan’s sake

Well, I still have SO much to finish tonight, and it’s 10:25 p.m. Gotta get a move-on…just wanted to say hi, and if I don’t make it here tomorrow, or Christmas day, I wish you all the BEST and Merriest of Holidays…Be safe, and please remember the REASON for this wonderful season


Till next time, good luck and God bless!!!

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By Lisa
On 12.23.02
At 10:22 pm
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Jules Says:

Me again! I have you under my favorites now, so everyday I check in to see what’s new. Don’t beat yourself up over the meeting!
You’ll do just fine. Here’s a tip, we are also having Jeremy’s family here tonight for the Eve. So I am putting all the bad, bad cookies and sweets out for the guests and Santa, whatever they don’t consume the garbage can will. So then after Christmas I will start with a clean slate and no temptations! Hope Santa is good to you! Merry Christmas!


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