I changed the music here again I get bored QUICK with the same song…the Tim McGraw one, I LOVE, but it was getting on my nerves to hear it every time I came here…LOL…so Creed is here for the moment…..*drool*…..YUMMY…… hee hee

I forgot to update you with this too….*TMI may follow!!!!*
For the FOURTH month in a ROW and ON TIME (32 day cycle….which for me is AMAZING in itself) for my Monthly Friend to visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how exciting this is for me!!!!!!!!! I might actually become a ‘normal’ woman one day!!!! hahahahaha…

I also added a new page tonight to my blog…it’s the last link below, called ‘Participation’…it’s full of the links to my daily questions that I usually have posted here (This or That Tuesday, Friday Five, etc.)…easy for you all to find, and that way constant proper credit is given to their site from here

I would like to get *mushy* for a moment and thank you ALL for all the visits, comments, tags and e-mails that I receive daily…you guys are the ones that really keep me motivated, and the POSITIVE feedback that you leave means the world to me!!! So thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart for keeping me here, and keeping me going!!!!

Well, alrighty then I have to head to bed…I get to work from home tomorrow, so I have some SERIOUS sleeping, snoring, *drooling*, and sleeping-in to do!!!! hahahaha…Have a WONDERFUL night everyone!!!!