Hmm…I missed blogging yesterday, huh? That’s unusual these days Not much to report really…now that I have hit my 50, all my excitement is all in that…LOL…things are pretty mellow around here, and not much to talk about I guess…I have been POP (perfect OP), not as much water as I should, but still getting ALOT down, and walking So, I’m staying positive and definitely hanging in there!!!

Oh…I do have two friends that are starting Weight Watchers again too!!! I’m so excited for them and wish them the best on their own journeys!!! Please visit Jenn and Jana and wish them the best of luck!!! Jana started today, and Jenn starts tomorrow!!!! GOOD LUCK YOU TWO!!! LOVE YA’S!!!

Here’s today’s Weigh-In Wednesday
Since I made up the questions, guess I better get mine up, huh?? LOL…

1. What’s the dumbest way you have ever tried to lose weight? Please explain, and what the results were. Definitely my dumbest was taking Syrup of Ipecac (ya know the stuff you give to kids to make them vomit if they ingest any poison??) to make myself vomit I got so fed up with not being able to lose a pound, no matter what I did, that I started taking that stuff and ended up getting myself into an eating disorder for quite some time…wasn’t fun
2. Red Light Foods: Do you have a specific food(s) which you have difficulty controlling eating it, to the point where you have to eliminate it completely? I don’t have any foods that I have had to eliminate ‘completely’, but Ice cream doesn’t get to live in my house very often…I’m WAY too friendly with the stuff…LOL
3. What are you top 5 “staple” foods that you keep around at all times that help you stay on your program? Low-calorie bread, Baked Lays, Fat Free Mayo, Splenda, Special K Red Berries…all of these items can be found in my house, just about at any time…they keep me going, and save me points everyday