FINALLY!!! I finally won the WATP (Walk away the Pounds) Tapes on E-bay!!!! I have been watching different auctions for them for like 2 months now, but they always went for too much $$$$…then I almost bought the 3 tape set at Wal-Mart last weekend for $24.00….Well, tonight I found an auction that had 5 sets available and I snagged one!!! The set was $17.99 + shipping…not too shabby aye hahah…anyways, the set is 4 videos - the 1 mile, 2 mile, 3 mile, and a bonus 1 mile super challenge, and it also comes with a 14 day meal menu cards (which I won’t be using)…it doesn’t come with the belt, but that’s no biggie…I have plenty of free weights I can use I’m so excited!!!! So, I’m going to add a little ‘Miles’ link on the left here, and keep track of how many miles I do now I can’t wait Everyone talks so highly of these tapes, can’t wait to try them myself

Other than that, nothing going on here but the weather…it ranged anywhere from -10 to -20 BELOW 0 today with the wind chill factor ALL the schools were closed around here (3 counties worth!!!), and I’m really not expecting Abbie’s school to be open tomorrow either…the roads are a solid ice mess because the salt trucks aren’t out…it’s too cold for the salt to even work !!! It’s INSANE….

Well, that’s it for me tonight, just wanted to check in and say HI
Have a wonderful night!!! I hope to update all my weight loss charts and everything tomorrow night after my Dr. appt. Talk to you all then!!! (((HUGS)))