Quick Entry…

It’s almost midnight, and I’m gonna head to bed, but wanted to check in real quick…I had weigh-in tonight…I am up 1 lb. on the nose. Not too bad I know I still have another week or 2 of close to maintaining from weight lifting, so it’s not a biggie…I know I’m still OP and working out, walking (I even braved the 7 DEGREE weather today (yes I said *7*) and walked 9 laps around our work parking lot today…I think my eyes were beginning to freeze by the time I was done…ROFL), and getting plenty of water, so for now, it’s just gonna be me and my patience till this plateau breaks

And a little heads up for ya’ll…I have spent most of tonight looking for blinkies that pertain JUST to weight loss/dieting/whatever…and didn’t come up with more than 10 maybe out of all the sites I visited…sooooo…I have spent the last hour making 3 of my OWN blinkies pertaining to weight loss…I am working on a few more yet and have a bunch of ideas down, so watch for a blinkies link on the left and you will be able to get my blinkies for you weight loss journals also!!! I will let you know when the page is up, after I have a few more blinkies done!!!!

I hope you all are having a wonderful night!!!! (((HUGS)))