Frig the scale.

Today is the day. I think the first sentence says it all.  I’m ok though.  In the last month I only lost 2 lbs.  The WHOLE freaking month.  Thing is, I have been working my ass off.  So you wanna hear my measurement total loss??

Huh?  Do ya?  Do ya???

In ONE month…drum roll please………………………….

I lost 8 INCHES!!!  Now THAT I’m excited about.  The scale can go back to hiding.  I no longer have the same overwhelming feelings for it as I did a month ago.   I updated the ‘Training’ page above with my new measurements.  I need to have Clint take pictures now and I will have one full month complete.  My Training page (which was my Daily Log) is also different…seeing how my routine is the same everyday, I took out the chart so that I don’t have to update daily with the same thing day after day…I just wrote what my daily training is and left it at that.

What has been amazing are the compliments.  Last night even, Clint was like, ‘Your boobs stick out and your stomach is flat!’…LOVED hearing that.  Even when I sit, the middle bulge that was there has shrunk and there’s not much left!!! 

Seriously, any of you who are addicted to the scale as I am was, and it doesn’t seem to want to change for you, TAKE YOUR MEASUREMENTS…I can’t say that loud enough.  The scale is an evil machine that will throw all your efforts to the dirt.  I think he WANTS you to fail.  He knows he can sabotage you!  Get out the tape measure and focus on you and the activity & exercise your body needs and your body will change.

I can’t believe I’m not upset over that small of a loss for a whole month’s time.  CRAZY!

Want ANOTHER positive??  When I flex my arms, I can see definition in my bicep mucle AND in my tricep!!!  Of course I’m still embarrased about my arms and never go sleeveless (I cannot WAIT for the day when I can) but they are getting definition to them…it’s amazing.

Uncle D told me to give it 3 months and wait till I see the changes this will make for me.  It’s only been a month, and my body is changing right before my eyes.  You know when I can see the changes in my own body that something good is definitely happening.